Cheap Chinese Pan Mee Wantons

Yi Poh @ PJ Old Town – Cheap, affordable goodies.

Been heading to this eatery the past year, whenever I happened to be in the area and I must say, I’ve had a good time here so far. During my last visit here though, I realized that they decided to air conditioned the whole place. Previously, it had the ‘open’ concept going on whereby natural air from the road could get it, since it was located in the corner of a busy road, there was constant flow of air. However, considering how utterly hot it gets this days, I must say I appreciate the change. 


Well, lets just say that despite the change – ‘closed’ and air conditioned, it still is bright and vibrant. Yay! They seem to be doing real well, no surprise there – their serve good affordable food. Usually full house for lunch, which was why this time I headed there around 2.30 pm. While it is enjoyable loosing your self in the crowd, sometimes you’d appreciate some quiet, right? So, 2.30 pm works.  Customer service was good and food arrived fast.

**** While my experience here has been continuously good, throughout all my visits – it has been consistent,hence why I keep returning 🙂 A few of my friends though – did not enjoy their time here, they did not like the food. So, do keep that in mind.  I like heading here because I enjoy the ‘kopitiam’ feel this eatery exudes, food is good and affordable – certainly an eatery I’d like to visit when I am ‘pokai’, my friends did not. It all depends on what you like.


Spicy Pan Mee, 6.90 ringgit + Fried Wanton, 2.50 ringgit + Soup Wanton, 2.50 ringgit 


Spicy Pan Mee
Fried Wanton + Soup Wanton

I liked their Pan Mee, this was my second time giving it a go and they were consistent. Of course, do not expect this to be one of the best Pan Mee out there, nope but it is tasty and with a price tag of 6.90 ringgit – it sure is a good deal. It came in a generous portion. You’d get a bowl of spicy, flavorful broth, with quite a lot of flat noodles + egg + fishcakes + anchovies + vegetables + mushrooms. I enjoyed the dish, especially with the Wantons I ordered on the side. The Fried Wanton was smaller in size than what I would have expected but if you guys are craving for some fried wantons, this would fit the bill. I was craving and I had my fix. I only wish that they added more fillings because what I got was a whole lot of crunchyness and little taste of meat. The Soup Wanton – this I like, minus the soup. I kindda forgot about the soup once I tasted the wantons, lol. It tasted exactly like the meatballs you would order during a Dim Sum session – yummy, lots of meat/fillings, I was happily chewing away.

Would I head here again?

Yess, been heading here quite a bit and will continue doing so. I like the food here, also like that it comes cheap 🙂 So yea, will be back.


Address: No 19, Jalan Pasar 1/21,PJ Old Town Petaling Jaya

Opening hours: Everyday, 8 am – 7 pm. (TBC)


Signing out now, Ciao.



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