Chicken Nasi Lemak Waffle

Haru Cafe Gallery @ Seri Gembira Avenue, Happy Garden – An accidental find.

We were in the area and initially intended on dropping by Neighbour’s – Neighbour’s Coffee Bar @ Seri Gembira Avenue, Happy Garden – Yum Yum.  Last I recall, food was delicious and I had a good time there. As I was rounding the block, looking for parking – we came across Haru. Hmm, and there was a vacant parking spot right in front of the cafe – we were like ‘Oklaaaaa, let’s give Haru a try instead.”



It shared the similar bright, vibrant feel as Neighbour’s, which was nice. Haru was cosy and welcoming. They had good 90’s hits playing on the radio. My favorite was Fastball – The Way. Been searching for that song for ages. I did not know who the singer was or the title of that track and then here I was, sitting and having my drink and Bam! It’s playing on the radio! Yay!! Took my phone out and Shazam-ed it. Fastball !! Gotta love the 90’s.



Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken, 11.90 + Nasi Lemak with Fried Pork, 12.90 ringgit



So, as you can see, we ended up having 2 nasi lemaks – one was the Chicken version and the other was the Pork version. I know you guys are probably thinking – why order 2 nasi lemak when there are loads of other stuff to order … right? Lemme explain. So basically, we had to look through the menu, decide and order at the counter. This is not a good thing – I suggest that you guys take the Menu to your table, look through it, decide and the head to the counter to order. Doing everything at the counter is just counterproductive. In my case, I knew what I wanted – Nasi Lemak with Pork, so I placed my order first and then waited around for my friend to make up his mind – which he could not and so, I told him to take the Nasi Lemak instead, which he was happy doing but he decided on the Chicken and not the Pork. I decided to give their new Menu a try, a bunch of Japanese waffles and decided on Tako Tako. After finishing the discussion with my friend ( which was all done in front of the counter with the lady listening into our conversation), I repeated our final order which was 1 Nasi Lemak with Chicken and 1 Tako Tako. It did occur to us that for 2 meals, it sure was costing us more cash than average but we were caught up in our work to double check the bill – our mistake. So, this is how we ended up with 2 nasi lemak – the lady at the counter did not cancel the initial Nasi Lemak with Pork. I just assumed that when I repeated our final order, she would cancel the initial order since we never spoke about that specific item again – guess I was wrong. In short – I was ignorant, oblivious and the lady at the counter was kindda blur, which resulted in us having to eat 2 Nasi Lemak. No harm on their end though cause they got the $$$ but on my end, my wallet certainly got thinner, get what I mean? So, take your time looking through the Menu, decide and do it all away from the counter – preferably at your table of choice, so that no errors are made.

Anyways, between the Chicken and Pork Nasi Lemak, I would strongly recommend the Chicken version. The Pork version was OK lah, it did not wow me. There was only about 6 pieces of fried pork, which was hardly enough.


See what I mean? Hardly enough.

The Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken though, this was good. The 2 pieces of chicken was crunchy, crispy and meaty – which plenty of meat enough to last till the end. The nasi lemak sambal was yummy. A tad sweet, plenty of spice and flavor. Overall, I enjoyed this dish.


Tako Tako, 23.90 ringgit


This dish was part of their new Menu – which I forgot to snap a picture of, sooorryy 🙂 It basically centered around the Japanese waffle with some favoring towards sweet and some towards savoury. The Tako Tako was part of their ‘savoury’ option and consisted of the waffle + bonito flakes + seaweed + homemade sauce + fried squids. I liked having the fried squids on its own rather than with the waffle – it was just too much crunch for a soft dish. Having it on its own though was real good. The squids were fried well, the batter was well flavored and the texture was crunchy on the outside, moist and chewy on the inside. The waffle was tasty. It was crunchy without the sauce, with sauce – moist. The sauce had some creamy pepper-ish feel to it which worked well with the bonito flakes. I truly enjoyed this dish.


Would I head here again?

Unlikely since I am almost never in the area but if I am , why not.


Address: B-G-10, Seri Gembira Avenua, No. 6 Jalan Senang Ria, Happy Garden, Kuala Lumpur.

Opening hours: Everyday. 9 am – 8 pm.


Signing out now, Ciao.



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