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Malai Thai @ Fraser Place KL – Yummy Thai food

** This will be a short post πŸ™‚ Running off into a meeting shortly.

So, long story short – we had a meeting at Life Centre, got hungry and decided to head to Fraser Place across the road to have lunch. The last I’ve been here was about 2,3 years ago, back in the day when I was working in KL City Centre. I have eaten both in Skillet and Simply Green – loved the food at both these eateries, today however I decided on visiting the latter, I wanted something healthy and fancied their wraps. So, we parked, head on up and then I saw Malai Thai. They certainly were not around during my last visit and this piqued my interest. On top of that, this was Thai food, which I like a whole lot. In no time, I found myself forgetting about wanting to eat healthy greens and instead indulge in some Pad Thai πŸ™‚


The interior was awesome. It had a purple/yellow theme going on with some wood-ish feel which allowed this rather modern eatery a traditional influence. A comfortable place that is versatile in a way that makes it a suitable eatery for a little ‘lone’ time to have a quick bite on your own, aΒ  gathering for a family get together that is bound to be loud, rambunctious and/or a formal business meeting of the serious kind. It all somehow works here. Customer service was great – they were attentive, always present with a smile on their faces, ready to assist you in whatever you need. Food arrived pretty fast and it was yummy.




Pad Thai with Chicken, 24 ringgit + Kai Giew, 11 ringgit



There were two options here – to order single dishes like fried rice, noodles or individual dishes – vegetables, meat + withΒ  side of rice. We decided to forgo the latter option simply because we had a meeting to run to in a bit. Wouldn’t want to yawn and be all lazy in front of the boss, do we?

Food was good. I had the Chicken Pad Thai which came in a generous portion and since I was hungry, this suited me just fine. I liked how they provided me with quite a bit of crushed peanuts, lots of eateries provide barely enough. Here, it was enough to be spread everywhere. There was quite a bit of chicken meat, lightly fried in thin batter. I usually like my dishes spicy, so I added in the chili flakes and once everything is mixed, it was yummy! I also ordered Kai Giew, plain omelette. It was light and fluffy, was a perfect addition to the Pad Thai.


Would I head here again?

Perhaps in a few months. I rarely am in this part of KL these days but when I am and fancy something Thai – why not.


Address: Fraser Place, Jalan Perak, Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours: Mondays to Saturdays, 12 pm – 10 pm.Β Sundays Closed.


Signing out now, Ciao.




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