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Nasi Lemak Bumbung @ Seapark -Yum yum :)

So, I finally made it here. I’ve been hearing about this eatery for years – reading reviews about it, friends mentioning it. However, whenever mentioned, I wasn’t in the area and I’d store this information at the back of my head hoping for a revisit later .. but yea, it is usually forgotten πŸ™‚ This time however, since my good friend had a craving for it, the eatery was mentioned quite a bit, unlikely to forget and so here I was, finally. yay!


If you are like me, a first timer here, it can get a tad confusing. Just look for the restaurant above, Sun Fatt Kee. The eatery is in the alleyway right behind this restaurant. Speaking of alleyways, I sure am amazed and impressed about this specific one. Most of the alleyways in KL, at least the ones with eateries surrounding it are usually very dirty or somewhat dirty but this one right here, is the exception. It was sooooo clean that I wouldnt mind walking barefoot on it.Β  Anyways, another landmark would be Maybank. If you know where Maybank is,great. The alleyway is in between Sun Fatt Kee and Maybank.Β 



I was like wahhhhhhhh, sooo clean and they actually take into consideration the comfort of their customers. They installed a couple of industrial fans that does come in handy when it gets hot. Who would have thought – fans in an alley? The weather was just right – gloomy with a hint of sun, airy and breezy from the fan, I couldn’t ask for anything more.

I came here right after work, around 6 ish pm and the crowd just started picking up. I’ve been told numerous times through the years that the later you head here, the more packed it gets – especially in the wee hours of the morning. They open till 4 am on most days, so, need I say more. It certainly is one of those eatery that makes an excellent place to ‘lepak’ after midnight.

Food arrived real fast, within less than 10 minutes. They come to your table, you place your order and it will be on its way. Their main/popular dish here is their Nasi Lemak. Other than that, they also offer Indo Mee Goreng and Pizza.



Nasi Lemak, 6 ringgit


Man, this was delicious.Β  The chicken sure was tasty. I received a thigh piece with plenty of meat on it. Yay! It sure was flavorsome, packed with spices. You’d literally feel/taste it with every bite. Their ‘sambal’ was different, yummy nonetheless. I noticed the regulars requesting an additional /top up for the sambal and yes, perhaps next time I will do the same with some extra kacang on the side too because it was hardly enough. It was not a case of them giving me little, nope, not at all, the case here is that it is yummy and tasty that you tend to pile on the sambal with each mouth. So, that explains why literally every table requested for an extra serving of sambal. The Nasi Lemak as a whole was delicious.


Would I head here again?

Heck yeah!! Whenever I want to fulfill my Nasi Lemak craving, I usually head to the ever overwhelmingly crowded Village Park Restaurant in Damansara Uptown. However, of late, they seem to mess up more frequently. The twice I went there this year – they made me wait for 45 minutes, I watched tables that came in after me, received their meal, ate it all up and leave while I was still waiting. Just to get the attention of one of the servers is a feat by itself. When I finally did though, they take another 30 minutes to get me my nasi lemak and that too after numerous attempts at reminding them. When the Nasi Lemak finally arrived though – half the sambal has spilled overΒ  and there was literally only 5,6 pieces of kacang – which I know isnt normally the case. This happened to me twice this year and I’ve had it with them. The situation with their eatery has been the same for years and they do not seem bothered to improve, so – bye byee because I found an eatery that offers me good Nasi Lemak that is guaranteed to reach my table within 10 minutes no matter how crowded it gets and most importantly, an eatery that actually gives a damn about their customers.


Address: Jalan 21/11B, Sea Park, Petaling Jaya

Opening hours: Everyday. Mondays to Saturday, 5.30 pm – 4 am. Sundays, 5.30 pm – 12 am.


Signing out now, Ciao.



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