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Warung Bunian @ Kajang – A fascinating experience. A short day trip, perhaps? (Halal)

We finally made it here. Ever since I saw a spread on them in one of the local newspapers, I’ve been wanting to give them a try but somehow, something always came up. Today however, since I had some time to spare – I would make for a perfect day to head to this eatery.

1) One thing to take note is the distance. I headed to Warung Bunian from Bukit Gasing, Petaling Jaya and it took me a good 45 minutes to reach. While it is in Kajang, it is in a part of Kajang that borders Putrajaya? So, I did not take the usual route I would take to head to Kajang, which was via Cheras.  I had to drive through Putrajaya for about 5 minutes before having to exit left into Kajang. I for one never knew of the connection between Putrajaya and Kajang. Did you? I guess we learn something new everyday. So yea, do take note of the distance. If you want something quick and fast, unless if you are from around the area – do make sure you have time to spare.

2) Another thing to note is – make sure you guys make a booking before heading all the way there. I did not. I was not aware of this information until I arrived . The first thing they asked me before I was seated was whether I made a booking and for how many people. I was truthfully flabbergasted, the kind where you were sooo surprised that you mouth is opened in a big O and refuses to close. I’ll tell you why ….


Now you know why?? This is nowhere near a 5 star restaurant, where it would be deemed necessary to book beforehand. This was a simple ‘warung’. The kind that you’d never expect to have to make reservations at. For real. I arrived there at 11.30 am, only a few tables were occupied and this made me curious even more. I told them I did not make a reservation as it was my first time here, they were nice enough to still allow us to eat here. Only a few tables were available to sit at though because apparently, most of the tables there were already booked before hand. Wow. By 12 pm, flocks of people kept coming and in no time – the eatery was full house. I noticed most of the regulars, they utter the same lines prior to being seated – that they made a booking/reservation at this time and for ??? number of people. So yea, do make reservations. It is their standard operating procedure (SOP). Call them and book at 017 – 381 2246

3) Besides rice and individual dishes, their Nasi Lemak Telur Bungkus is famous too. Do take note that it is not available all day. I wanted to get a taste of the famed Nasi Lemak but was told that it was finished for the day. The best time to taste it is for breakfast and perhaps brunch? Warung Bunian opens at 7.15 am and they only make limited quantities. It basically is a case of ‘Siapa cepat, dia dapat’ … get what I’m saying? If  you guys desperately what to get a taste of it – do head here early.


Moving on …

My heading was ‘ A fascinating experience.’ Why? The 3 points mentioned above should explain it but that is not all, there is more. 

4) This eatery is located in a rural area? The kind where there is a whole lot of greens, houses scattered here and there with no fences, no gates, no clear mark of a territory. The kind where chickens, hens roam around freely. The kind where roads are small, small enough that only one car can drive on it at one time – there is no side by side drive, 2 way driveway and the roads, not all of it is the usual tar road, at some parts – its the dry muddy road. It is not bad at all. No damage will come to your car, it is not a bumpy road, nope. It is just different. If you spend most of your time/life in the city, being an urban chick/dude – then this would certainly be a fascinating experience. It is not everyday you’d experience the rural life. I enjoyed it. Truly.

5) I must say, this is the first time I had someone ‘hidang’ the food more me. Of course, if you go to to some Indian and Chinese restaurants, they ‘hidang’ food to you too but that is different. At these restaurants, they usually bring this large tray with loads of stuff on it and you’d pick what you want and they will put it on your plate for you after cutting it into small bits. Right? Here, apparently they only cook certain dishes per day, as in different dishes, different day. There is no section you could go select your food from, no menu. Nothing. All you have to do is sit down and they will ‘hidang’  a.k.a serve you. So basically, you sit and you eat whatever they serve you. How awesome is that? 

So, I visited them yesterday and what I got served was …


It was just the 2 of us yesterday and it cost us 34 ringgit, which meant around 17 ringgit per head. Food was delicious. Very tasty. If  I get served food like this everyday – then I really would not mind the lack of variety, lol. The prawn dish was yummy. You’d get 4 medium prawns and the gravy was filled with flavors, you’d be able to taste turmeric with every mouth. Nothing overwhelming, just mainly appealing. The chicken was awesome, I especially loved how their gravy tasted, it was thick and sweet and when you add in those tender bit of chicken pieces – yummm!! For the fishes, we were served ‘Selar Kuning.’ It has been ages since I’ve sunk my teeth in one of these. Cooked to perfection, love how crispy the outside was, you can literally hear the crunch every time you bit in.  


Would I head here again?

I certainly would. It sure was an experience, a pleasant one and I intend to get a taste of the Nasi Lemak Telur Bungkus. So yea.


Address: No. 80 A, Jalan Jamaluddin, Sungai Merab, Kajang.

Opening hours: 7 am – 2.30 pm. (Please do double check with them)


Signing out now, Ciao.






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