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Hexgon Cafe @ Cheras Traders Square – Yummy Bao Burger

It has been a while since we last visited Cheras Traders Square and I must say, from then till now, a lot of new eateries has open shop here. One of them being this almost 2 month old Hexgon Cafe.

** Our previous visit here includes Fatt Kee Roast Duck & Chicken Rice Shop @ Balakong, Cheras – Ooooo yum!! Delicious Chicken & Char Siew Rice and  Mechanic Cafe @ Balakong, Cheras – Not bad.  


Anyways, it can get a tad confusing looking for this cafe if you do not know exactly where lot 22 is. You may end up having to go several rounds round the block till you find it.  So, to prevent that from happening ( unless you guy guys totally want to do so –  like we did ) do keep a lookout for :

  • Jalan Dataran Cheras 2. There would be quite a few ‘Jalan Dataran Cheras ..’, Just keep a lookout for this particular one. Of course, you could use Waze, ‘Hexgon Cafe’ and it will lead you into Cheras Traders Square minus the final detail – turn left into Jalan Daratan Cheras 2. If you use Waze, it will lead you to this..


Yup, as soon as you see ‘Sky River’, turn left into it (Jalan Dataran Cheras 2) and the cafe is located within the row of shops facing Sky River.


It was very,very sunny on the day of our visit. Sunny in a way where you feel it right to your bones. The ‘it is too much, I cant handle it’ kind. So, imagine our happiness once we found this cafe. It was bright and chilled, they had the shutters on to keep the sunlight from getting overwhelming. It was awesome. Customer service was good. They attended to us quickly and food arrived soon enough



We decided to give their Set Lunch a go. We ordered one Bao and one Rice bowl with a drink each.


Bao Set (Salted Egg Fried Chicken), 15.90 ringgit + Rice Bowl Set (Lemongrass Chicken), 18.90 ringgit




Rice Bowl
Lemonade and Lemongrass Tea

The Bao was awesome. It is quickly becoming a trend these days. More and more cafes are offering this buns with fillings as starters or main meals but they usual come in a mini size. The ones served here are different because it actually comes in a large size, similar to the ones you’d get when you buy Kaya, Lotus Baos.  In this case, it did resemble the size of a burger bun. This is after all a Bao Burger and it certainly did work well as a substitute. The Bao was soft and dense, has a springy effect, awesome! Eating it on its own was yummy, having it with salted egg gravy/sauce and chewy, meaty fried chicken? Delicious! I would certainly go for this dish again.

As for the rice bowl, this particular dish was one of their crowd favorites and I can understand why. The Lemongrass chicken was tasty, each mouthful of those tender, boneless piece of meat had the taste of lemongrass infused in it. It was lovely. The other items on the dish were shredded carrots and an egg. Once it is all mixed up – you would get a bowl of flavorful, gooey goodies. However, if there was one thing they could improve on – it would be their egg. The purpose of providing us with a runny egg was so that once everything is mixed up, the yolk from the egg was meant to act like a gravy – to sort of make it all gooey. Let’s just say the egg was not runny enough. It simply was not enough to reach all the way to the bottom. So, if you guys order this dish – do request for an extra runny egg, yeah?


Would I head here again?

I would love to give their other Baos a try. So yea, I wouldn’t mind dropping by again. Probably in a few months or so because I rarely visit the area. 


Address: 22 – 1, Jalan Dataran Cheras 2, Cheras Traders Square, Balakong, Cheras.

Opening hours: Mondays, Wednesdays to Sundays, 11 am – 11 pm. Tuesdays Closed.


Signing out now, Ciao.





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