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EAT @ Bukit Bintang – Cheap, affordable kopitiam food

I visited Low Yat Plaza today yawwwww ๐Ÿ™‚ Yea, well, the bunch of us went there to ‘wash eyes’ for a bit – laptops, phones and other IT gadgets.Then, eventually, we got hungry. While spending some time online looking for intriguing eateries nearby, we found out that Purple Miao was just about 5 minutes walk away. Yes, it is the same one we’ve visited some time back that offers Taiwanese inspired sandwiches and egg rolls –ย Purple Miao @ Ampang โ€“ Something different . The only difference was that back then, they were located in Ampang and as one year ago, they moved here. Awesome.

So off we went heading that direction and along the way, we got distracted, lol.ย  If I am not mistaken, there are a number of entrances into Low Yat and where we were was the entrance/exit that has Starbucks, Fuel Shack and KFC few doors away from it. This specific corner of Low Yatt faces a row of shops and within this row of shops is EAT. For some reason, we decided to put Purple Miao on pause and head here to relieve ourselves of our hunger.


Here, you would get the whole kopitiam feel. Bright and airy, it certainly offered the much needed comfort after a day spent walking around.ย 

Customer service was good, quick and efficient. At the point of my arrival, which was around 1 pm – lunch time, I was told that there was a 50 % discount for noodles and rice .. and I was like ‘say what????’, for real?? Apparently, the discount happens everyday and all day. How awesome is that? Hard to believe but I did double check with them, just in case my head was playing games with me but yes, it is true.



Singapore Fried Bee Hoon, 7.45 ringgit + Kong Po Chicken Rice, 6.95 ringgit

Kong Po Chicken Rice
Singapore Fried Bee Hoon

Both dishes were tasty and it certainly came in a generous portion. On top of that, I am only paying half the price for it. Wowza. Of course, do not expect perfection here – it is after all a kopitiam but rest assured – what you order is what you’d get. I liked their Singapore Fried Been Hoon. Sometimes it is served soggy and sometimes it is appealingly dry and with this style of bee hoon, dry is why I like and it is what I got here. With just the right amount of dryness,plenty of noodles, eggs, prawns, green pepper, taugeh and greens. It certainly was yummy.

The Kong Po Chicken was surprisingly good. Previous try at other kopitiams allowed me to arrive at the conclusion that I should give this dish a pass the next time but for some reason, I wanted to order this dish here. I requested for extra sauce when I gave my order and usually, they tend to forget but not here. Here, they gave it to me and it was plenty enough to last me down to the last mouth. Of course, you would not get the bombastic flavors of a Kong Po chicken that you’d get at a fancy restaurant or cafe but it was good nonetheless. I only wished they added cashews ๐Ÿ™‚ but given the cheap $$$ this dish cost – which let me repeat again – only 6.95 ringgit, it was more than good enough, even without the cashews. There was plenty of chicken pieces, chewy and meat with a slightly sweetish gravy that complimented the whole dish well. For the price that I was paying for this dish, it certainly did exceed my expectation.


Would I head here again?

Yess, if I visit Low Yat again, I’d certainly drop by here again. I look forward to giving their other dishes a try.


Address: No. 54, Jalan Bulan, Off Jalan Bukit Bintang.

Opening hours: Everyday, 8 am – 10 pm


Signing out now, Ciao.


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