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Purple Miao @ Wisma Bukit Bintang – Delicious

So, if you guys read our previous post – you’d know that after our trip to Low Yat Plaza, we intended to head here but got diverted to EAT instead. After having our lunch there though, we still decided to walk over to Purple Miao because why not, right? I was also curious anyways .. I remember heading to this eatery back when they were located in Ampang, it was designed in a way that resembled a shack/shed, certainly something different. I remember their Taiwanese sandwiches and also the fact that I had about 3 mosquito bites after my visit there. Ugghh!

AS mentioned previously, we parked in Low Yat Plaza and walked over to Purple Miao, which took us barely 5-8 minutes. No sweat.


This time, as you can see, it resembled a cafe. However, if you have been to Purple Miao when it was located in Ampang, you’d notice bits and pieces of items from there, here. The color tone, some parts of their counter and etc. While the other setting was unique and different, I prefer this setup. It was cozy and relaxing. A nice place to chill.




Sunny Bowl, 10 ringgit + Spicy Mushroom Cheese Roll, 10 ringgit


Sunny Bowl


Mushroom Cheese Roll

Both the dishes were delicious. Sunny Bowl was what we decided to go for from their rice bowl variety. It was a simple dish, made up of brown rice + pumpkin floss + egg + tomatoes but it was awesome in terms of flavor. Pumpkin floss? I must say that this was my first time tasting this particular floss. I’ve only ever had the chicken version of it but this vegetarian version was equally as yummy. It was crisp, light and flavorful. The rice bowl came with no gravy but when you mix it all up, it was surprisingly not dry. I think the fact that the brown rice was moist,soft and the gooey texture of the egg helped plenty. I loved it, would order it again.

The Cheese Roll was something different. The outer layer is made of crepe and the fillings : mushroom, cheese with a sprinkle of spicy chilly powder. It was different, the taste and texture. Not what you’d expect to have a crepe with, lol.  The crepe is usually have is of the dessert/ sweet variety, here – it is savory. It may look like a dish that is light but do not let how it looks like fool you. With the mushroom and cheese filling, it will fill up your stomach. There was plenty to chew on, the crepe, the mushrooms, the melted flavors of the cheese and a ‘kick’ of chili at the end. Another simple dish but with plenty of flavor. I’d give this a go again too.

Would I head here again?

Yes, I would. It is a good place to chill and food is yummy too.


Address: G-03, Ground Floor, Wisma Bukit Bintang, Jalan Bukit Bintang

Opening hours: Mondays, Wednesdays to Sundays, 8 am – 4 pm. Tuesdays Closed.


Signing out now, Ciao.


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