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Papasan Canteen @ Kuchai Lama – Revisited. Yum!

We decided to pay Papasan a visit today. Since we were in the area, why not, right? Our last visit here was perhaps a year ago?   around the time when they first started operating  –  Papasan Canteen @ Kuchai Lama – M certainly coming back for more. Yes ! . This time around, we had some items to purchase along Old Klang Road, it was slightly after lunch hour, we were all hungry and as far as we can recall, food at Papasan was pretty good. We figured, since we were in the area, why not drop by and in the process also check out whether food was still as good. 

So…. was it? Yessssssss 🙂 it was delicious.


The obvious difference between our visit now and then was the crowd. As previously mentioned, our first visit was around the time when they newly opened, a year ago. It was just one guy – the boss, manning the counter and it was relatively quiet, just some customers here and there. This time around though – there there was about 6 people manning the counter and I can understand why – it was packed, full house. We literally had to wait outside for a bit for a table to empty and also – did you guys notice that the front gate was pulled together at the entrance? Yea, and it wasnt even 3 pm yet, which is when they close before reopening at 6 pm. It was a glaring difference. I am happy for them though – food is good, they deserve it. 

** If you guys want more pictures of their interior, do visit our previous post on Papasan , the link provided above. It looks the same as it did last year. Clean, blue, vibrant.





Omu Curry Rice, 18 ringgit + Seafood Fried Udon, 18 ringgit


Omu Curry Rice


Seafood Fried Udon

Okay guys, one thing to note besides the fact that food is good is the generous portions they come in.  Take for example the Omu Curry Rice.  It took like two of us to finish the dish.  Note the gravy? How thick it is? Yea, add in the rice and 5 large pieces of crunchy, meaty chicken pieces.  They sure were generous. If you fancy something different yet delicious – do go for this dish. The Japanese curry was da bomb, it was thick and flavorful. It was finger lickin’ good. Literally. I was scooping spoonful of it and slurping it up, I was soaking the chicken with the curry before chewing on it and the rice, mix everything up and yummmm. I’d give this a go again, anytime.

The Udon was again, something different.If you want a dish that has a mix of everything – give this a go. Yummy thick noodles cooked with teriyaki sauce, with eggs, squids, clams, bonito flakes and green pepper. I cant really pin it down to one of two specific flavors because it was a mix of many thing. There was a lot of things on that plate but it all complimented each other well and made a wholesome, yummy satisfying filling dish.


Would I head here again?

Of course, I’d certainly return.

Address: No. 17 G, Jalan 1/114, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama.

Opening hours: Thursdays to Tuesdays, 11 am – 3 pm, 6 pm – 10 pm. Wednesdays Closed.


Signing out now, Ciao.


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