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Little Rimba @ TTDI – Deliciouss oooo (Halal)

I guess Little Rimba is TTDI’s latest hang out spot? Why? Well, besides the fact that they are the new kid on the block, they also seem to be doing real well, which could only mean that folks likes them, right? Due to a meeting that went longer than it should, I missed the usual lunch hour by at least 2 hours, which meant that I was going to have lunch at 3 pm. I decided to head to Little Rimba because it was 5 minutes away, I was very,very hungry and it made sense to head somewhere as close as possible. The other reason being that I was curious to see Wondermilk’s latest venture.Β  I’ve been to two of their Rimba & Rusa outlets and I recall enjoying myself. So yea, was really looking forward to my visit to Little Rimba.

***Β Little Rimba is located within the row of shops located a short distance away from the TTDI Mosque. The same row of shops that houses Thursdvys, Vin’s and QuarTet.


Yup, it was 3 pm, on a working day and it was full house. That ought to tell you something, right? It must be good.

….Β and was it? Yessss, it was. Finger lickin good.

If you fancy an eatery with a cheerful, bright vibe and boisterous environment, then Little Rimba would fit the bill. Boisterous it certainly was, hatters filled with laughter. This would make a good spot for get-together – friends catching up, cousins having a little family reunion, not formal business talks ? because during my time there, those three occurrence certainly did happen. Certainly a good place to ‘lepak.’



Sago Gula Melaka, 5.50 ringgit



Due to my hunger and grumbly stomach, I decided to have this dessert for starter. I simply could not wait till my main meal arrives, my stomach demanded immediate feeding, lol. This was soooooo good. The sago was cooked to perfection, just the right texture to give it an overall soft and jelly-like feel. You dont need much effort to break apart the chunks of sago, simply stirring the spoon around breaks it apart. The sweetness was right and and with the aide of coconut milk, it gave the dessert a rich and creamy feel. If there was anything I will complain about this dish, it would be the serving size. It was hardly enough. It felt like I needed 2,3 more servings of it to be fully satisfied. However, for the sake of maintaining a healthy calorie intake level, I shall begrudgingly agree that this serving size is ideal. Grrr.


Nasi Lemak Cinta with Ayam Goreng Berempah, 15 ringgit


Yup, it was ‘berempah’ all right, plenty of rempah. The chicken was yummy, tender and juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Add in those ‘repah’ bits and it was a crunchy, flavorsome mess. Oooo and because of my prior experiences with Nasi lemak, I requested for additional ‘kacang’ and ‘sambal’ and they gave me exactly the amount I needed – to last through to the last mouth. Usually, it would be a case of them forgetting my request or even if they do remember, more often than not, the second serving will be a lot lesser than the first. Not here though, here, when you request for more, they give you more.Β  Overall, a truly satisfying dish. I’d certainly give it a go again.

Uncle’s Assam Laksa, 13.20 ringgit


This dish was not bad at all, another satisfying dish. The fish gravy was pretty thick – which I like very much, I truly detest watery gravies, it truly is an abomination, dont you think? Good thing that it isnt the case here, it was equally as delicious slurping it up on its own as it was having it with the noodles and other ingredients with this dish. The fish gravy + thick glass noodles + bits of tuna fish + vegetable garnish + pineapples = yummy!

Chocolate Cookie : Fantastic M&M’s, 3.30 ringgit


I saw this on my way out. As I was paying, these cookies were nicely decked out on the counter. They had several flavors – red velvet, chocolate, butter? I opted for the chocolate. The size resembled the cookies you’d find at Subway, the Large kind. Unlike Subway though, the cookies here was not the soft, moist and gooey kind, it had a texture more like Chipsmore. It was crumbly with a crunch. It was buttery and airy. Most importantly – it tasted fresh. It was good. I look forward to trying the Red Velvet cooking next.


Would I head here again?

Yes, I would. If I am in the area and looking for good, reasonably priced local food, I’d head here.

Address: No. 1, Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 7, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.

Opening hours: Tuesdays to Sundays, 7.30 am – 6.30 pm.Β Mondays Closed.


Signing out now, Ciao.


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