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Nuan Cafe @ Sungai Buloh – My tummy is truly satisfied :)

Well, with the holiday week upon us, a short drive out of town would be nice, right? This was why we decided to pay this new cafe a visit.Β  Okay, not really. The main reason was because we had a couple of furniture viewing appointments in the area and this new cafe was just 500 meters away from our rendezvous point. The drive there was nice, a change of scenery.


The cafe was bright and vibrant. While it is new, it seem to be the go-to neighborhood cafe in the area, as people kept coming in throughout our time there. Customer service was good, they were very friendly and attentive. The cafe occupies 2 floors, if you fancy some privacy, then head on to the top floor as most people tend to stick downstairs. There is a kiddie playroom, to keep your kiddos entertained.



Lu Rou Fan, 9 ringgit + Otak-otak Egg Don, 16 ringgit + Homemade Bentong Ginger Tea. 12 ringgit


Lu Rou Fan


Otak Otak Egg Don


The Otak Otak Egg Don was da bomb. It tasted like one of those Nasi Lemak Telur Bungkus with otak otak filling – really yummy! Just in case you do not get the reference – nasi lemak telur bungkus one of the many ways nasi lemak is served where the rice is served wrapped with the egg, similar to how the Don is served here but of course – the main difference here is that besides the usual rice and sambal, there is otak-otak. I truly enjoyed this dish, it was something unique, different yet tastewise, it tasted similar but with a slight twist.Β 

Lu Rou Fan was another delicious dish and cheap. Just 9 ringgit for a wholesome meal? Yup. This was a recommended dish, apparently lots of people fancied it. For a couple of minutes prior to the arrival of this dish though, it did cross my mind that maybe the dish is ‘popular’ because it is literally one of the cheapest dishes they offer rather than it being delicious but upon tasting it, I’d say it is a combination of both. It was both delicious ad cheap – I see the appeal.Β  The dish basically consisted of an egg + braised pork + rice + picked vegetables. The braised pork meat came in a generous portion, plenty to last us till the last mouth. It had a flavorful kechup-py gravy to it which worked well with providing the rice with the much needed wetness. The egg was not the usual runny andΒ  ‘when you break into it, it comes ooozing out’, which often is the case with Dons/Rice Bowls, when it acts as a substitute for gravy. Here however, since the braised pork already provided gravy, the egg was more well done than usual yet still managing to make the whole dish gooey, moist and sticky. Just like the previous dish, I truly enjoyed this one too.

The Homemade Bentong Ginger Tea was refreshing. The ginger tea I usual have come in a rather watery form. Not here though, here – the tea comes thick. With just the right amount of sweetness and ‘kick’ from ginger, it certainly had that much intended effect on my throat. My throat being the sore throat I was suffering from for the past week, this drink definitely aided in easing the irritation.Β  Ooo and the pot was refillable for a good 4,5 times and still be able to retain the flavor. Just out of curiosity, I did check whether it was ‘powder’ or the actual ginger bits and well, it was the latter. No powder business here. How they manage to maintain the same thickness and strength of the ginger despite being refilled with hot water many times – it boggles me but yea, this would be a drink I’d go for any time, even without any throat problems because it was refreshing and not something I come across every other day.


Would I head here again?

Most probably not but only because I very rarely visit Sungai Buloh. If it was located somewhere nearer to me – I certainly would head back here again.

Address: No. 2117 L, Jalan Baru Sungai Buloh, Sungai Buloh.

Opening hours: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays to Sundays, 11 am – 7 pm.Β Wednesdays Closed.


Signing out now, Ciao.




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