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Tengga Biryani @ Bandar Sri Damansara – Good and flavorful :)

 The last couple of years has seen a rice in ‘novelty’ biryani. Novelties such as claypot biryani?? bamboo biryani?? coconut biryani? Some were hits while the others were misses. No matter what though, there always is that certain kind of excitement that arises whenever you stumble upon something new, different and of course, who doesn’t love biryani? We all do, right?… and this brings us to this new eatery in Bandar Sri Damansara. 

and also, did I mention that this eatery is opened 24 hours, daily? For real, y’alls.

‘Tengga” literally means coconut in Tamil. So yup, as its name suggest, this eatery is all about coconut biryani. Having been around for about 3 months now, it has been gradually gaining the attention of food lovers around town.  I for one got to know of them from friends. Those who have visited,  liked the food a whole lot, so here I was giving it a go.


The area is a mini business park of some sort,  not the new, modern, updated kind but more of an area that has been around for years – older and with more character. As per all business parks, there will be many/several rows of shops and within one of those row of shops there, occupying a corner lot is Tengga. Just get on Waze if you are not familiar with the area, it will lead you right to its doorstep. 


** To some – the Menu might be a lil blurry. Sorry, phone limitations. Will write it down below. Hope it helps.


a) Biryani

Chicken Biryani: 16.90 ringgit

Mutton Biryani: 18.90 ringgit

Prawn Biryani: 19.90 ringgit

b) Others

Fried Mutton: 10 ringgit

Char Kuey Teow: 5.50 ringgit

Mutton Fried Rice: 9 ringgit

c) Desserts

Sago Gula Melaka: 2 ringgit

d) Drinks

Coconut Water: 2.50 ringgit

Sirap: 2 ringgit

Limau Ais: 2.50 ringgit

Teh 0′: 2 ringgit

Teh Tarik: 2.50 ringgit


Mutton Biryani, 18.90 ringgit + Chicken Biryani, 16.90





Okay, so we initially headed here thinking that we were going to give their Chicken Biryani and Mutton Fried Rice a try. Apparently, their Mutton Fried Rice is to die for – that was what some of my friends told me but unfortunately, it was not available during out visit. So, we decided on having a mutton and a chicken biryani.

Between the two, I preferred the mutton. It may have been because between the two, the mutton biryani was the first one I decided to give a go? Sometimes, the first dish you try is the one you fall in love with, right? Also, the flavor in this particular biryani was da bomb. It was rich and spice laden. I really liked it. After having that awesome dish and then moving on to the chicken dish – it simply is different, it did not ‘wow’ me. This is not to say that it was not yummy, it certainly was but it did not have the extra ‘kick’ that the mutton dish provided.

Mutton meat
Chicken meat


They certainly were generous with their meat. Enough pieces to last you till you last mouth/bite. Both of it were tender and juicy. The mutton was not hard and tough at all, easy to bite into and chew. It had plenty of flavors from the spices that was infused into while being steamed/cooked in the coconut. Tasted lovely. The chicken pieces were soft and chewy, it was easy to break it apart. 

and ooooo, the whole dish, rice and other ingredients are cooked/steamed in a coconut, right? You’s literally see bits and pieces of coconuts in your biryani.


It is soft and juicy, provided the rice with a lil sweetish taste. It wasn’t much but enough to make a difference.

and by the time you are done, you’d see an empty coconut 🙂


Would I head back here?

Yesss. I want to get a taste of that much talked about Mutton Fried Rice. Looking forward to that. Wouldnt mind giving their briyani another go too. It was delicious.


Address: No. 1, Jalan Cempaka SD 12/1, Bandar Sri Damansara, Petaling Jaya

Opening hours: 24 hours, Daily. ( For now, if this changes – do let us know )






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