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TeeKaapi Indian Cuisine @ Ecosky, Batu Caves -Yumm!

The name ” Teekaapi”  sounded awefully familiar. I did not get it at first. It’s just something that you’d come across if you hang out with Indian folks quite a bit, like I do. A term of some sort? I could not wait around to figure it out and so, I brought it up and my friends educated me. Teekaapi …. Tee and Kaapi  = Tee and Coffee ? Get it? So, TeeKaapi is basically TeaCoffee, pronounced Indian style? Yea, I get it now 🙂 I dont know if this actually is what the owners actually intended for it to mean but this was a valid substitute, lol.

Anyways, this eatery is located in Eco Sky. If I am not mistaken, this is a combination of service apartments/ residences and a mini business park. One side is the residences and the other is low density business lots – 2,3 floors? Yea, one of those. 

Parking was easy. They have a Basement car park with plenty of space and it is free. Just remember to validate your ticket on your way out.

I liked the area. From the looks of it, you’d notice that it certainly is new. Plenty of shop lots still vacant but worry not though, they are quite a number that is already occupied.  You’d find some eateries here and there. You would not be bored.  I for one look forward to paying Eco Sky a visit again in a few months, firstly because I like how it feels here and secondly, because it simply is the kind of place that more eateries will open shop at, I look forward to trying out other options here.


The eatery looked nice. Cozy and modern cafe-ish looking. A perfect blend between Western features with plenty of Indian influences. You’d find similar mix with the food they offer here as well. As you look through their menu, you’d notice that they offer a perfect blend between Indian – briyani, rotis and Western – pasta, burgers. Depending on what you fancy, there is a variety to go for. 


Ice Gulla, 6 ringgit + Koli Briyani, 15 ringgit + Crabby Chick Stack, 22 ringgit

This was suppose to be dessert but I decided to have it as a starter, lol. If you want something light and sweet – do give this a go. The amount is just right, nothing too overwhelmingly heavy. It did not influenced my hunger at all, I went on to ‘hantam’ some briyani and burger 🙂

It basically comprised of Rasgulla on the top with Vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce on the bottom. Rasgulla has a ‘biscuit-ty’ texture and the ice cream with caramel sauce provided a creamy, milky texture. It was a yummy combination. I enjoyed it 🙂


The briyani was good. You’d get a large pieces of tender, spiced chicken thigh. Some restaurants like ‘drowning’ the rice with gravy, not here though. Despite the dish itself not being laden with gravy, the rice and meat was steamed ? yea, steamed well enough that all the flavors and spiced were already infused well into the items by the time it reached our table. Of course, if you still need visible ‘wetness’, they left some gravy at the bottom of the pot – all you need to do is mix it up. For me, nothing beats Kanna’s – Kannaa’s Masalla Bamboo Briyani @ Kinrara, Puchong – Yummy Briyani! , but this was pretty good, in briyani terms. I’d order it again.

The Crabby Chick Stack – now, this I like lots lots. For 22 ringgit, this was an awesome burger. I do not come across many eatery that serves soft shell crab at 22 ringgit. That is considered rather low/cheap.  Let me break down the items for you. You’d get soft shell crab on the top + burger buns  + lettuce + crispy and tender chicken patty + tomatoes and onions, with a side of fries, for just 22 ringgit. The burger itself was yummy. Do expect a combination of textures and flavors. Some crunch, some chewyness. Nice.


Would I head back here?

Yes, I would. Food here was good and I do like the area. I am certainly heading back here to Eco Sky to check out the other eateries. During those times, whenever I fancy some Indian, will keep TeeKaapi in mind 🙂


Address: Ground Floor, Eco Sky, Taman Wahyu, Batu Caves (You would be able to see the eatery as you are driving round the block, heading to basement carpark.)

Opening hours: Yuesdays to Sundays, 10 am – 11 pm. Mondays Closed.


Signing out now, Ciao.




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