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Khan’s Indian Cuisine @ The Sphere, Bangsar South – Delicious food with nice ambiance.

Yup … an Indian restaurant has finally opened doors at Bangsar South.  It’s about time, don’t you think? All this while, driving around the area, checking out what’s new and what’s good to eat – I noticed that there seem to be all kinds of cuisine option here except for one, Indian.

and now that Khan is here, it is complete 🙂

Kay, moving on.

The eatery is pretty ‘dope’. First of all, it is big. The restaurant is spread out and rather appealing to the eye. It looks fancy but they it was obvious they they did put quite a bit of thought into the comfort of their customers? Even in regards to the seating, they have a section for the crowd in general and they also have a separate area for those who are perhaps in a work related lunch meeting ? They also have more of a ‘private’ seating around the corners, perhaps for folks who are on their own or simply those who fancy sitting away from the crowd.  If you visit during lunch, the eatery is filled with people. It literally felt like half of the working folks around the area were having lunch at Khan’s, lol. For reals yawwww. They just kept coming. Point to note – if you enjoy being in the crowd, amidst all the noise and chatter, then do visit during lunch but if you want some quiet, have the place to yourself, then visit after lunch hours, dinner. 

I was there at lunch, their peak hour. Despite that, their customer service did not suffer. They were efficient in guiding you to your table, taking your order and making sure food arrived on time. 



**Sorry for the picture quality, blurness. Long story short – Phone broke, using a temporary phone that needed some getting use to. Yup. Sorry.



The Menu is rather limited ,  for lunch at least, not sure about dinner. Whatever option they do offer though is hearty and wholesome. They offer 3 options for Thali Set, which changes daily and 2 options for Biriyani – mutton or chicken. For those who want to forego the rice option, they could always go for their Tandoori Spring Chicken. I did notice several tables ordering this particular dish and it sure did looks good. What I saw was a pretty large piece of chicken cooked tandoori style + naan. Sure did smell good.

Chicken Thali Set, 24.90 ringgit + Hyderabad Nizam Biriyani (Chicken), 24.90 ringgit

Chicken Biriyani





Chicken Thali Set

Food sure was good. I especially lurveee the biriyani. It is one of those dishes that had just the right amount of wetness, gooeyness and filled with flavor, to an extent that you can forego the gravies that came on the side because between the rice and the chicken – there was enough spices and flavors to go around.  Know what I mean? That being said, the gravies were yummy too. The dhal was delicious and most importantly thick. I dislike watered down dhal – it is gross. Then, there was mooru/yogurt and pickled, sweetish vegetables. It was tasty enough that I ate the 3 sides on its own. I had the biriyani rice and the chicken by itself. The chicken was da bomb. They sure were generous with the meat here – 2 large pieces. Imagine those spice infused tender, meaty chicken + flavorful, moist biriyani rice – very nice.  It was a satisfying hearty meal. 

The Thali Set was good too.  It came with rice, a roti, papadum and 6 sides – Chicken Kurma, Chicken Curry, Ladies Finger and Brinjal Masala, Dhal, Mixed Vegetable (long beans + carrots) and dessert (Phirnee). With the Chicken Curry, you woyld get one medium piece of chicken and with the Chicken Kurma, several small pieces of chicken. At first, you may think that the chicken pieces were a tad little, like I did but once you get going and start eating, it will all make sense. Any more chicken will just stuff you up. It was good. The combination of all those dishes – the rice, meat, vegetables were awesome + the dessert, which had a similar texture to Carrot Halwa and tasted similar too minus the carrot and maybe just a little wetter but yea – yummy!


Would I head back here?

Yea, I would. Food was good and yummy. If I am in Bangsar South and fancy some Indian food – will keep Khan in mind.

Address: Unit 1-7 to Unit 1-10, Level 1, The Sphere, No. 1, Avenue 1, Bangsar South

Opening hours: 10 am – 10 pm? (Not sure)


Signing out now, Ciao.



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