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Kopenhagen Coffee @ Mont Kiara – Something different?

I got a couple of friends who simply love hanging out here. It is what they refer to as ‘their favorite lepak spot’. Of course, if I too enrolled in Garden International School back in the day, this would be my favorite lepak place too, lol – it literally is located across the road from each other. Hmmm, on second thought, maybe not. School ended for me more than 10 years ago and I doubt this cafe was around back then. So yea, it would not matter anyway. 

I was in the area to attend work related matters today and figured it would be a good time to visit Kopenhagen Coffee for lunch.  It was more late lunch – around 1.30 pm, by the time I was done with work. Just a little warning – if you dislike ‘bumper to bumper’ traffic – do not head there around this time, unless you are walking because it was a pain. The international school finishes at that time and all the buses and vans were heading out after picking them kids and it was pretty nerve wrecking. A test of patience, most definitely.

Anyways ..


So, you see that barrier – yea, it is automatic. Just letting you all know, lol. I was a blur mess. As soon as I saw that barrier, I was like “Omagod, Omagod, do I need an access card or something” and there was this impatient taxi driver who kept honking at me from the back…. I was stressed as hell.  As I inched forward, the barrier moved. So yea, just letting you all know, in case you guys are as blur as I am – it is an automatic barrier. There is a parking charge of 3 ringgit for the first hour and hours after that, 2 ringgit. All payments are made to the guard in charge.


I like this cafe. It was cozy, welcoming, a good place to simply chill and relax. I could see that lots of people felt the same way. Why else would you come on your own, with your laptop and music player if you do not feel comfortable here, right?  There were also several groups of friends catching up and some discussing work related matters. It was kindda fun to see. Everyone was occupied in one way or another, going about their day, doing work and etc but enjoying the company. Customer service was great. They were cheerful and took the time to suggest items according to our preferences.



Queen Routine, 30 ringgit + Versatile Viking, 18 ringgit


Queen Routine
Versatile Viking

The food was rather unusual, most probably because I’ve never had Spelt bread? It tasted like rye crackers? The kind that would make you go ‘yuck’ if you were to have it on its own. Get what I mean? Good thing was that both the Spelt bread served here came accompanied with other items like bananas and avocado with cheese , all 3 which have a rather overpowering and appealing lingering taste that worked well with the healthy yet rather tasteless Spelt bread. It took some getting use but I must say, I like it.

The Queen Routine was as the cashier described – it is a wholesome dish, might even be too much for one person. Does not look like it though, does it? I thought the same thing when it first arrived but towards the last mouth – I have to agree, it is quite a lot to handle, especially if you had something to munch on your way here. There was scrambled eggs + avocado + cheese + bread + muesli + yogurt + Blueberry. It was quite the mix. I started off by indulging in those tasty scrambled eggs. Then, I moved on to the bread, each with a layer of avocado and cheese, which surprisingly tasted awesome. By then, I was already full and was looking at the glass filled with muesli + yogurt as a dessert rather than part of a main meal. Half way through it though – I could not go on, I was stuffed. So yea – you get the picture. It is filling.

The Versatile Viking is a perfect dish to start the day with.  If someone where to make this for me at least one a week, for breakfast – I’d certainly go for it.  Banana on rye, with some honey to smooth it all together – yummy. Then, indulge in some yogurt + cereal and blueberries – yup, definitely a good dish to start the day 🙂

Would I head back here?

I would love to but since I am rarely in the area, it would not be as much as I would like. Will certainly drop by again when I can.

Address: Shoppe 7-6, Vista Kiara Condominium, Jalan Kiara 3, Mont Kiara.

Opening hours: Everyday. Weekdays, 7 am – 7 pm. Weekends, 9 am – 7 pm.


Signing out now, Ciao.





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