Aussie Inspired Chicken Parmesan New 2018 Salmon Sandwich

Little Bourke @ TTDI – A new addition.

We fancied something ‘Western’ today for lunch and since we were in TTDI , Little Bourke seemed like a good choice. It is new and it offers Australian inspired/influenced dishes which in my books is ‘Western’, so … okaylah 🙂


It is a neighborhood cafe with a fancy vibe. Just a few doors away, within the same row of shops, there is another cafe, Frisky Goat, which I like very much. This too is of the ‘neighborhood’ variety, with a more colorful vibe and artsy approach. These two eateries are quite a contrast. One is cheerful and playful while the other is more serious, elegant.  It all depends on what tickles your fancy. I for one, just got of a meeting and I wanted a place that is quiet, with not overwhelming number of patrons, good enough for some ‘me’ time, to relax and wind down and Little Bourke was a good choice.

Did I mention that the coffee beans are from Margaret River Roasting Co? I sound like I’ve actually tasted them, right? Lol, but I have not. What I have done though is that I’ve actually been to Margaret River, a small town in Western Australia, where food is good and the wine’s even better. Oooo them sweet memories. Yippie. Just for old times sake, I’d love to get a taste of the Aussie coffee bean during my next visit.

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**Yup, menu is kindda blur, sorry. Still tryna get the hang of this new gadget.  Will get better with practice yeah.

Salmon Sourdough Sandwich, 20 ringgit + Chicken Parma, 26 ringgit


Salmon Sourdough Sandwich
Chicken Parma


Both dishes were yummy. The portion was just right, not too much, not too little. Let’s start with the Salmon Sandwich, shall we? I do not eat much salmon but when I do, I like them real fresh unless when I am eating at Sushi King – that is a different story, lol. The salmon was fresh. My friend – let’s just say he spent a couple of years abroad – Finland mainly and those folks over there sure do loveeee their salmon. Breakfast – salmon, lunch – salmon and guess what’s for dinner? Salmon. So, when he told me it was fresh, I couldn’t agree more. After all, he knows more about them Salmon than I do, having to eat it daily for weeks at some point in his life. So yea, it was fresh and tasted great.  I am a sucker for sourdough bread, especially when it is lightly toasted with a generous amount of butter on it and the ones here were awesome. I had it own its own, minus the filling. The warmth and the buttery feel  of the bread was awesome. The other reason was also because I was really hungry and I was literally destroying the salmon, tearing it apart into pieces, lol. What is the texture of the sourdough bread? Hard, right ? and by the time I was done cutting into the top and bottom pieces, the salmon in between was shredded. I would rather enjoy the whole strip on its own and so that is what I did. Then, there were the fries, crunchy and chunky fries, it makes for a good side in addition to the salad.

Literally everyone loves Chicken Parmesan?Parmigiana, right?  Well, if you belong to that group of people, then Chicken Parma you’ll love. Yummm cheesy cheesyyy. It came with a meaty  piece of chicken breast. The melted cheese was lovely, the chicken was lovely and the combination of both was really tasty. This too comes with a side of chips and salad.


Would I head back here?

I dont know.  I most probably would but not anytime soon. Having been ‘lepakking’ in TTDI for the past 8 years, I kindda already have a specific neighborhood cafe I visit frequently. Yea, new cafes keep popping up but once you’ve got a favorite, you’d tend to go there almost always if you are in the area, right? It simply is your go-to place. Same situation here. I will be back to Little Bourke but not anytime soon. Need to get a taste of them Margaret River Roasting Co coffee beans.

Address: 124, Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi, Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

Opening hours: Everyday. 7 am – 3 pm.


Signing out now, Ciao.


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