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The Imperial White Coffee @ Kuchai Lama – A cozy coffee shop with good food.

This kopitiam sure sounds grand, ey? The ‘Imperial” bit caught my eye and also the part where it seemed to be doing well, full house for lunch and all. I told myself the next time I’m in the area, I’d pay this coffee shop a visit and so, here I was. This time too, they were packed. I know the images below does not show it but that is only because I took it on my way out, when half the crowd already left.


and they serve the usual Chinese kopitiam food – Egg and Toast, Char Siew and Chicken Rice, Wan Tan Mee, to name a few.ย 



Bullet Proof White Coffee (Ice), 4.80 ringgit + Char Siu Dry Noodle, 10.90 ringgit + Char Siu Rice, 8.90 ringgit


Based on what I’ve read online regarding this eatery, people were raving about the Bullet Proof coffee served here, the Half Boiled Egg and Kaya toast, the Char Siu Rice and Dry Noodle.ย 

I decided to give the Egg and Kaya Toast a miss because it simply is egg and toast – we can get it anywhere, right? How different can this be from the rest? However, upon having my lunch here, I noticed that almost every other table has a plate of toast on it. Many have it asย  ‘dessert’. No joke.ย  They eat whatever dish they want for lunch and once they are done, they have a plate of Kaya toast. So, during my next visit here, I am going to give this rather popular toast a try.

The Bullet Proof Coffee was awesome. That is all there is to say. It was thick and milky, the coffee flavor was evident in a positively appealing way and not in the ‘very strong and overwhelmingly bitter’ way.ย 

Did you guys notice a plate of Marie crackers with the drinks? Yea, these crackers were refreshments. Similar to when you head to some Chinese restaurants – they offer you peanuts, on the house? Same thing here. It is a first for me though – Marie Crackers as oppose to peanuts and I like it ๐Ÿ™‚

The Char Siu Rice was yummy. It sure did look simple and as soon as it arrived on the table , I was like “Is this it?” It was literally slices of pork meat and rice. That was it – no soup on the side or vegetables of some sort, cucumber, taugeh. Some people may be put off by this very fact. I’ve come across many other eateries that offer the whole deal for a lesser price but still, this place is doing well, that is something to consider, right? I guess here you’d get exactly what you ordered. If you want Char Siu Rice, you would get Char Siu and Rice. Get my drift? I am not complaining though because it was tasty.ย  The pork was pretty good with a good ration of meat to fat. What I really liked about this dish though is the black sauce that came with the rice. It was sweetish and sort of worked as a ‘glue’ between the rice and the meat. Without that black sauce, this dish would have just been okay but with it – it was yummy.

The Dry Noodle had the similar ‘issue’ as the rice – it came with just the noodles and meat for 10.90 ringgit. This too you would be able to find elsewhere for a cheaper price and that too accompanied with soup + Sui Kao (dumplings). Again, some folks may have an issue with it. Besides that though, the noodle was delicious. As you’d notice, the dry noodle here is Wan Tan Mee. It had an ‘old school’ taste to it, kindda difficult to describe.ย  It reminded me of the noodles I had back in the day, when I was still in school, about 15 years ago. It is simple yet delicious. Of course that version was cheaper, lol but yea, I liked it very much. I can understand why many tables ordered it.ย 

Would I head back here?

Yes, I certainly would. I need to get my hands on that toast, I want to see why it is a crowd favorite and of course, I would not mind another plate of that yummy Wan Tan noodle .


Address: No. 43, Jalan Kuchai Maju 7, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama.

Opening hours: Mon, Thurs to Sun, 10 am – 9 pm.ย Tues and Wed Closed.

Signing out now, Ciao.




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