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Pantai Seafood Restaurant @ Ara Damansara – Good stuff.

This would be a short post.

Why? Well, long story short – this was a birthday dinner I was invited to and since roads around KL was really congested, the jam last night was really bad, I arrived late. By the time I finally made an appearance, food has already arrived at the table and everyone was already having a go at it. So, no menu, no details of how much each plate plate cost and etc. They did not know I also blog about food and it would seem quite weird to start asking for the menu and snapping pictures rather than having conversations. Get what I mean?ย 

** If you really, really need a glimpse into their Menu , do visit :ย http://www.unique-seafood.com/Restaurants-Pantai#signature_dishes.

Anyways, this would be my first time here. I was always aware of its existence, several seafood restaurants located opposite and next to each other, just this stretch. I usually passed by these restaurants on my way to Sis & Co –ย  Sis & Co @ Kampung Kayu Ara โ€“ A good cafe to end a stressful day.. Never really got around to trying it though, it is often forgotten till I pass by it again during my next visit to the cafe.



It is your typical Chinese “family/gatherings/get together” restaurant. There is the indoor, air conditioned section, outdoor section and also several private rooms for those of you who fancy some privacy, away from the rest of the crowd.ย 

Food was good, delicious.There were 4 main dishes that was ordered and 1 dessert, all of which tasted awesome.

First dish – the Nyonya Fish.ย 


This was my favorite dish of the night. The fish itself was Tilapia, which was a perfect choice if you want something cheaper yet meaty and delicious. The Nyonya gravy to me was the star of the dish. It was flavorful, a little spicy and a little sweet and having it with the rice was da bomb.



A close second favorite was theย Butter Prawns. Of course, there were more prawns on that plate but like I said, I arrived late and everyone else already started digging in. It certainly was a crowd favorite. Not only was the butter sauce yummy, there was plenty of it, plenty enough for everyone to get some of those gravy onto the rice. Yum Yum. The prawns were crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, coated with decadent, milky butter sauce – delicious, yaww!

Then, there were the vegetables – Kangkung and Kai Lan.


Well, the vegetables were vegetables lah. I am one of those who lives for the meat and the veges are usually the last item I would eat on the plate, lol. How childish, I know. Anyways, the kangkung wasnt really my cup of tea. I usually prefer it dryer? certainly not as wet as this, so I gave that a pass. The Kailan was tasty. There were the crunchy bits and there was also the paper thin part. It simply melts in your mouth.ย 

and then, finally the dessert …..


Lotus Pau yawwwwww. Look at them cuties. It was yummy, certainly a perfect dessert to end out time here. By the time the dessert arrived, our tummies were already stuffed. We were all in fact relived that dessert came in small sizes, lol. The sweetness from the lotus paste and the soft, moist texture of the pau/bun was much welcomed. A perfect end.


Would I head here again?

Maybe. Food certainly was good. I am rarely in the area but if I am and I am in need of some seafood, then I’d consider this eatery.


Address: Lot 13575, Jalan Cempaka PJU 6A, Kampung Sg. Kayu Ara, Petaling Jaya

Opening hours: Everyday. 11.30 am – 2.30 pm, 6 pm – 10.30 pm.


Signing out now, Ciao.





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