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Restoran 168 @ Pudu – One of our favorites.

Yesssss – curry mee, yawww! If you love curry mee like we do, then I guess you would have already visited Restoran 168. This eatery sure is popular. It was no matter that years have passed,  they are still noted to be a crowd favorite.  Several websites/blogs has even voted them into the list of Top 10 Best Curry Mee in KL. So, it must be good and believe me – it was.

One reason why I like Restoran 168 – besides the awesome food they offer, is the whole experience itself. It is not everyday that you are lucky enough to experience eating by the road. The smoke, the car honking, the curses, the chatters , simply being able to immerse yourself with your surroundings –  the eatery and this part of Pudu gives you exactly that. 

Warning : If you are heading here for lunch and it is sunny – please do not visit wearing fancy, thick attires. If it is just your luck that the day of your visit is not a windy day, then do look forward to some sweating halfway through indulging the curry mee. It will get even hotter towards the end.  Let’s just say that here, it is all about natural “air condition”  , if its your lucky day – awesome ! If it is not – then at least you went prepared. 

It is after all, part of its charm 🙂 …..




Oooo and check out the Char Siew. It is decked out at the front. Perhaps it is a part of their marketing plan to entice customers because seriously – look at it.  How can I resist laaaa?



Anyways, the whole area was congested during lunch, so getting a parking spot by the roadside was close to impossible. Thank god Pudu Plaza was about 5 minutes away. We parked in there and paid just 1 ringgit for the 2 hours we spent here. Cheap, ey? It was our first time here in Pudu Plaza and we didnt know what to expect – was it safe? is it dodgy? weird characters around? None of those – it was safe 🙂 

Once we parked, we walked and headed over to the eatery. It was just 5 minutes away, no sweat. The walk was a pleasant one especially because literally everywhere you look, there is an eatery. So, the bunch of us got busy planning on which eatery to try next. 


Pork Skin Curry Mee (Large) , 7.60 ringgit + Wan Tan Mee ( Large), 7 ringgit



This eatery is GENEROUS with their portions, kay? Seriously. This has to be the first restaurant I’ve been to in ages where “Large” was truly large. Large enough that there was at least a quarter , half of leftovers left on the plate when we left. Burp! 

Food was great! Where do I even start. The Curry Mee here is special – not only do you get to choose the noodles you want, you can also choose the filling. Whether you fancy clams? Pork meat? Pork skin? Pork balls? They have it all. I opted for clams and pork skin + mee hoon for noodles. It was good, yaw. The broth – it was flavorful in a way that you cant stop slurping it and  not overwhelmingly spicy to an extent that your tongue burns – nope, it simply was the right amount, appealingly so. If you are one of those who needs that spicy ‘kick’, then worry not, they do provide you with extra chilli on the side to satisfy your craving. There were plenty of filling – long beans, tau fu pok, pork skin, clams, several other greens – all fresh and chewy, a good addition to the curry mee. 

The Wan Tan Mee here is one of the most ‘ketchup-py’ versions I’ve had. Not the watery ketchup-py kind but thick, sticky, lumped together ketchup-py. Ooooo yummmm! It was goood. The pork meat was da bomb! I dont know how to describe it but the taste of that meat was more prominent here than most other wan tan mee dishes I’ve tasted. This dish is accompanied by a bowl of soup + 3 dumplings on the side. The dumplings – ‘sedap, weiiii.” I cant say much about the soup because truthfully – I did not taste it. As soon as I saw the dumplings, I scooped it out and the soup was forgotten. It came in small sizes but the dumpling came with a good filling size. Not everything in there was shredded and mince, you would get good sizable chunks of pork meat to chew on. Loved it.


Would I head here again?

While both dishes were delicious, the star here was certainly the curry mee. Yes! For that alone, I will definitely be back.

Address: Jalan Brunei Utara, off Jalan Pudu,Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours: Tuesdays – Sundays, 7 am – 4 pm. Mondays Closed.


Signing out now, Ciao.





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