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63 Roast @ Sri Petaling – Something different ?

This was an accidental discovery. My fellow Indian friends, a bunch of med students enrolled at IMU had a gathering/open house on the eve of Deepavali – Monday,ย  just a little something before they all go their separate ways and head to their ‘kampungs.’ Since they study in IMU, they are regulars at Sri Petaling, discovering good food? in the know about the latest opening? Which row of shops is best known for what kind of food and etc.ย 

….. and they told me that if you want good char siu/chicken rice, wan tan mee with a good twist – the twist here being that rather than eating in a proper restaurant, the one here is served in a house – then do head to 63 Roast.ย  They have been around for a little over half a year and they serve good food, worth a try, they say. So, that was where we decided to head after the open house. Since its Deepavali, why not use that as a reason to ‘hantam’? Bolehlaaa, lol.

How to get here? For some reason, I could not find the eatery listed on Waze but worry not, simply key in “Jalan Merah Silu” and drive along that stretch of road until you come upon house number 63.ย  A telling giveaway that you’ve arrived at your destination would be a rather largeย  food banner on the outside/front yard that has images of the range of food they offer.ย 

They have both outdoor and indoor seating available, depending on what you fancy.



…. and these are some the sort of items they offer. I could only snap some parts of their Menu as it was attached to the stall where they work at. It was rather filled with people waiting for their turn to “tapau” and I didnt want to get in the way.



Char Siu Wan Tan Mee (Big), 7.50 ringgit + Char Siu/Chicken Rice Combo, 7 ringgit



ย The Char Siu/Chicken rice combo was pretty good. The chicken was tender and juicy, the char siu was sweet and succulent. Oooo and the sauce/gravy made the whole dish even better. It was thick and sweetish.ย  The Wan Tan Mee was equally as delicious. It consisted ofย  some greens, noodles, char siu and 3 mini dumplings. Yummmm. The only thing that would have made it all even better was an extra plate of meat, which was exactly what we did, lol. We ordered ourselves an additional plate of meat – char siu/chicken combo.


Would I head here again?

Yes, I would but perhaps not as often as I like because I rarely head to Sri Petaling. If I am in the area though, I’d keep 63 Roast in mind, especially when I fancy something a lil different? The whole having noodles and chicken rice in a house?ย 


Address: No. 63, Jalan Merah Silu, Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours: Everyday, 10.30 am – 4 pm.


Signing out now, Ciao.








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