Chinese Dried Meat (Pork) Fried Rice Hokkien Mee

Chui Lau Sinn @ Cheras – Tasty Hokkien Meeeeee

We ended up at Taman Maluri today because friend had some issues with his car and the nearest car workshop was in this area. So, while waiting for the repairwork to conclude, we decided to look around for an eatery to eat and wait at and we landed on Chui Lau Sinn.

Of course, I went on Google immediately and checked out some ratings on this eatery. Surprisingly, ratings werent many but upon reading several blog posts, we got to know that the Hokkien Mee here is supposedly good. The woman cooking them, Auntie Helen is pretty famous. Having been around in the food industry for more than 3 decades, she is somewhat an expert cook when in comes to noodles, especially Hokkien Mee. So, naturally we decided to give that specific noodle a go.

Anyways, before we get to the food….

The restaurant itself is the usual kind – bright and cheery, simple, the kind that accommodates small and big group, friends and family. The only thing I would suggest they improve on is the ventilation – it was hot. Half way through my meal, I was already sweating and it got a tad uncomfortable.Β 




Food arrived pretty fast, within 10 minutes. In no time, we got busy gulping down our lunch, late lunch.Β 


Hokkien Mee (Small), 9.90 ringgit + Dried Meat Fried Rice (Small), 13.90 ringgit


The Hokkien Mee was good. True to its form – it was dark and greasy with plenty of lard.Β  Sometimes, with this particular noodle, the greasiness and oiliness tends to get overwhelming but here however, it was pleasant. In terms of meat, I suppose if you fancy some seafood into the mix, you have to request for it. I totally forgot to do so, so besides some crunchy lard and some chicken slices, there werent much else. Good thing that the noodles were yummy enough to be eaten on its own, especially with the spicy sambal , that the lack of meat was forgotten. So yea, if you fancy some prawns and etc, do request for it.

The Dried Meat Fried Rice – delicious. The dried meat here is in reference to pork meat, the dried and sweetish kind? It makes for an excellent addition to a fried rice. The fried rice itself is cooked the usual ‘Chinese’ style, simple yet delicious. Add in bits ofΒ  them sweet, chewy pork meat… yum!

Would I revisit?

Most probably not. Not because the food was not good, nope, food was good, tasty but I rarely venture into Taman Maluri. So, honestly, I guess not.


Address: No. 1, Jalan Jejaka 3, Taman Maluri, Cheras

Opening hours: Tuesdays to Sundays, 11 am – 10 pm.Β Mondays Closed.

Signing out now, Ciao.



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