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Foo Fee @ Kepong – Nice :)

I was in Kepong today. Why? Firstly, because of work and secondly, because I have a pet. Brought it for grooming – you know, the whole ‘clip the nails’, a little haircut and etc. While waiting around, I noticed Foo Fee next door and the never-ending flow of people, in and out of it. It was already 1.45 pm and lunch time was long over but people simply kept coming and this, piqued my interest.

Good thing I have not eaten lunch, so yesss – I decided to be a ‘kepochi’ and fill my stomach in the process.


This eatery somehow reminded me of   The Imperial White Coffee @ Kuchai Lama – A cozy coffee shop with good food.  , I do not know why. Perhaps because while it is a proper cafe/restaurant, it has a ‘kopitiam’ spirit? Know what I mean? Everyone is welcome – the young and the old, wear whatever you want – slippers, short pants, the ‘just got out of bed’ attire. This was exactly what I saw, literally anyone is welcome. Seeing how besides youngsters, many families frequent this eatery, I’d say Foo Fee is a well loved neighborhood cafe.

If you fancy somewhere quiet, then there are several other eateries nearby that might offer you that because Foo Fee, throughout the whole duration I was there – was constantly lively and boisterous. 



Since I arrived at Foo Fee at 1.45 pm, I had about 15 minutes left to decide if I want to indulge in their Set Lunch option, which was what I did. The Set Lunch comes with a main meal and any drinks of your choice, which considering the price – was an awesome deal.

Nasi Lemak with Homemade Soy Milk, 12.80 ringgit + Braised Minced Pork Rice and White Coffee, 12.80 ringgit


Food was good. The Nasi Lemak was the usual. The sambal though, that was different, it was Tom Yum flavored and I guess that was what made it special. I liked it a whole lot that I requested for extra sambal – twice.  That flavored sambal + the crunchy fried chicken + kacang + egg + anchovies = yum!

The Braised Minced Pork Rice was yummy. They sure were generous in the amount of minced pork they offered. It was a lot, enough to last till the mouth. I liked how they added some fried onions as garnish, when eaten on its own – taste peculiar but when mixed with any other dish, it elevates the overall taste, which was what it did here. Then, there were the mushrooms, crunchy mushrooms that somehow worked here. The generous portion of shredded cucumber though, I did not like. It kept getting in the way whenever I was trying to scoop up something good. Other than that, It was good.

The Homemade Soy Milk was refreshing with just the right amount of sweetness and the White Coffee was pretty good. To me though, nothing beats the white coffee at Imperial which was totally da bomb.

Would I head back here?

Food was good, it tasted yummy and the Set Lunches were priced very affordably but if I am honest, since I only venture into Kepong few times a year, it is highly likely that I wont be back.

Address: G 32, Fortune Perdana Lakeside, Kepong

Opening hours: Wed to Mon, 8 am – 5 pm. Tuesdays Closed


Signing out now, Ciao.


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