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Zen & Co @ Happy Garden – I am definitely coming back for more

I am definitely coming back for more. Why? Well, firstly because the food was delicious and secondly, they have a large, extensive Menu that was impossible to cover with just the two of us.

Anyways, this was an accidental find.  I was initially at OUG for a meeting and once it ended, I decided to drive around and see what’s good for lunch. I came across this stretch of restaurants and one of them was Zen & Co. It also happened to be the most crowded, filled with people – so, it was a done deal, this is where I was having lunch.


Customer service was great, despite the full house. The took time to attend to us, recommend popular dishes and etc. Food also arrived surprisingly fast, within 10 minutes.



First, I saw them mochi for dessert… next, burgers and rice bowls …. then sandwiches… pasta and lastly – sushi. Oooo man, I was spoiled for choice. Definitely couldn’t give everything a go which meant – I am definitely coming back for more.


Tori Age Don, 17 ringgit + Soft Crab Maki, 16 ringgit + Butterscotch Affogato, 12 ringgit

ori Age Don
Soft Crab Maki
Butterscotch Affogato

The Tori Age Don was very nice. You’d get a generous portion of crispy, flavored tender chicken pieces, about 7 – 8 pieces of them + egg + Mayonnaise + greens and cucumber. Once you mix them all up together, oooo yumm! The rice was all gooey due to the egg and mayo, add in the crispy, tender flavors chicken? The texture and combination was good, very good. 

Well, as soon as I saw that sushi was available, I knew I had to give it a go. Once again, I was spoilt for choice and after some contemplation, I decided on the Soft Crab Maki. It was pretty good. I’d order it again, that’s for sure. If you fancy some sushi and you want it fast, no frills and tasty – do give this variety a go.

I had big dreams when it came to desserts – wanted to indulge in their Lave Cake, Waffle or even their Matcha cake but by the time I was done with the rice bowl and sushi, I did not have much space left in my tummy. However, since I decided to have a dessert here no matter what, Affogato it was. It was light, not too heavy, sweet just enough to satisfy my sweet tooth and definitely not going to make me feel overstuffed the rest of the day. This dish consisted of a shot of espresso + butterscotch sauce topped with Vanilla ice cream. Simply having the sauce and ice cream was good enough but I wanted that ‘kick’ that only bitter espresso could provide. My mistake was that I poured the whole thing, lol. Ugghh, bitter, sooo bitter, I had to pour half of it out. Once that was done though – it was da bomb. sweetness from the ice cream, the butterscotch flavor with a little bitterness from the shot. Definitely an option to consider if you fancy something a little different for dessert – light and not too sweet. Lovely, it was.


Would I head back here?

Oooo yes, as I mentioned several times above, I am definitely returning. based on what I’ve tasted so far – it was goooood. Need to return and try their other dishes.


Address: 10, Jalan Lazat 2, Happy Garden

Opening hours: Everyday. 11.30 – 10 pm.


Signing out now, Ciao.





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