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Hideaway @ Section 17, PJ – Cakes, cakes, cakes and pasta, of course :)

I must say, I am glad to see a cake shop in section 17.  Yeaaaa, I know, there are plenty of cafes around the area that offer cakes but there is something different about the ones here. The cakes here are simple – without the fancy decors yet with plenty of fillings. It feels ‘home made’, the kind that is fresh of the oven? Get what I mean? Yea, simple, fresh, buttery, yummy! 

Then, there is eatery itself – the way it looks, the feel it exudes, the ambiance , it is rather charming. Its name – Hideaway, aptly named, I must say. Once you are on the inside, seated, it is easy to relax and past time here, especially if you are on your own. It has a calming ambiance and with Christmas carols playing in the background – the happy mood is guaranteed. Certainly an eatery I’d consider going to when I need some away time from the daily stressors. 



Nice eyyy 🙂 cozy, cozy.


The main attraction here are the cakes – buttery, airy, light, yummy cakes but if you want something more solid – they also offer a small selection of main dishes. Mainly 4 options for pasta and about 3 options for sandwiches.


Upon seeing an array of cakes on display as soon as we entered Hideaway, we opted to give it a try before anything else, lol. First thing we went for was their …

Carrot Cake, 11 ringgit


Ooooo yum, this was lovely. It was compact but not thick in a way that would fill u up within a few mouths in, nope, it was light and fluffy with plenty of  pecan bits to chew into. I enjoyed this quite a bit that I decided to simply have my lunch here …. with another slice of cake and a dish of paste.


Pesto Pasta, 21 ringgit + Blueberry Cake, 12 ringgit



The Pesto Pasta was pretty good. It was not exceptionally oily, as would be the case at times. Here, it was just right. The pesto pasta alone would cost you 18 ringgit but I wanted some meat in it, so, added in an extra 3 ringgit for some chicken. They decided pine nuts for peanuts, that was unusual. I do not think I’ve come across the peanut combo yet but it was good, it provided a different kind of crunch. I liked it, the pesto pasta makes a good dish for lunch.

The Blueberry Cake is one of their bestsellers and it was yummy. I love the fact that they did not stinge on the blueberry bits. You’d literally get pieces of large blueberry scattered all over the cake. The cake itself tasted like butter cake but with a generous portion of blueberries all over, almost every mouth you take would be a combination of butter cake with blueberry bits, hence = Blueberry Cake. It was yummy. Loved it.

Would I head back here?

Yea, I would. A delightful eatery to hang out and simply pass time with the help of some buttery, light, yummy cakes, of course.


Address: AG 7, Block A,  Happy Mansion, Jalan 17/13, Section, 17, Petaling Jaya

Opening hours: Everyday. Sun to Thurs, 11 am – 8 pm. Fri & Sat, 11 am – 10 pm.


Signing out now, Ciao.


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