Char Siew Famous Peel Road char siew

Char Siew Yoong @ Cheras – Terder, juicy char siew.

So,we finally made it to this popular Peel Road restaurant, known for their char siew. We have been craving for some good, juicy, tender, honey ¬†glazed pork meat and since it’s the holiday season, we were looking forward to branching out, head to somewhere out of our usual PJ/Bangsar area. The roads are clear, no traffic jam – why not, right?

I’ve never heard to this eatery until i got onto Google. This restaurant was rated¬†pretty¬†high¬†by¬†several¬†blogs¬†for¬†serving¬†one¬†of¬†the¬†best¬†char¬†siew¬†in¬†the¬†area.¬†It¬†kept¬†popping¬†up¬†whenever¬†I¬†searched¬†for¬†best¬†Char¬†Siew¬†in¬†KL.¬†

Yup, it was a done deal – we decided to have our late lunch here.


Char Siew Rice ( 2 pax), 16 ringgit

As far as I’m concern, there are 2 (obvious) kinds of char siew lovers. The first would be those who love the sweet, honey glaze in addition to the crispy, darken outer layer of the meat. The second would be those who love the tender, juicy pork meat on the inside, with just the right amount of fats accompanied. Of course, these two criteria are a must in every good char siew dish but people usually have a preference, an importance on one compared to the other. Right?

Well, in regards to the one here, if you loveee the tender, juicy meat on the inside, with a perfect ration of fats and meat and it all simply deliciously melts in your mouth Рthen, this eatery would be awesome for you. It was yummy. I enjoyed myself. It really does  melt in your mouth. No joke. It sure was an experience.

As much as I liked the char siew here, I am from the other group of char siew lovers that hold an importance towards the sweet, crispy outer layer, so, I’d still prefer the char siew at Meng Kee Glenmarie and Soo Kee in Ampang. That being said – I do understand why the char siew here is popular, a crowd favorite. The¬†meat,¬†texture,¬†taste¬†–¬†it¬†was¬†all¬†good.¬†Worth¬†giving¬†it¬†a¬†try.


Address: No. 23, Jalan Pudu Hulu, Taman Pertama, Cheras

Opening hours: Mon to Wed, Fri to Sun¬† 9 am ‚Äď 5 pm. Closed¬†Thursdays.


Signing out now, Ciao.


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