Indian Pork Free Thali Meal

Junior Chellapa @ Old Malaya – Yummy Indian food.

I’ve heard about this eatery, wanted to give it a try but somehow always ended up putting it on the back burner. Why? because something always kept coming up at work or I was not in the mood to deal with KL traffic and perhaps because having a meal at any restaurants in Old Malaya screams a higher price tag $$$ ?

Months and months passed and finally, it happened. My sister decided to have her birthday lunch here. So, here I was, finally paying Junior Chellapa a visit ๐Ÿ™‚

The decor was nice, they had paintings on the wall that totally fit with the whole “Indian” theme. The color tone gave it a secluded, cozy feel – a rather welcomed sight for lunch.

It tends to get busy for lunch, so do make reservations if you mind the wait. For those who do not mind the wait, you can do what most of the office folks do – chat and order a drink, wait it out outside with their colleagues until a table inside empties.

Paneer 65, 15 ringgit

This was a starter. Paneer as you know is cottage cheese and here you’d get about 11 – 12 medium sized pieces of fried paneer. It was yummy. On the inside, was a good amount of cottage cheese and the outside was coated with spice then fried. I liked this a lot. Firstly because they were generous in their portions, rather than the usual small pieces, here we were given medium sized, stuffed with lots of paneer. Secondly because of the taste itself, the crunchy outer layer was laden with spice and when you get to the inside, when it all mixes – ooo yummy!

Chicken Thali Set, 20 ringgit

I must say, for 20 ringgit, this Thali set was a good value for money. You’d literally get to taste 9 different items + vadai + “Puli”/yellow rice + papadum. It certainly did come with a variety, more selections from the usual Thali sets served at many restaurants here. 

There were 4 vegetables – spinach in gravy, long beans, potato and fried bittergourd. For gravies, you’d get dhal and rasam. Since I opted for their chicken thali option, the dish came with a side of chicken varuval. There were two options for the rice – white rice and yellow rice. Besides that , the dush came with a side of Mooru/ yogurt, papdum, vadai and for dessert, kesari.

They certainly got you covered from starter to dessert, all in one dish. ย Iย likedย thisย Thali set , it was tasty. The Chicken Varuval was flavorful withย justย theย rightย amountย ofย spice.ย As for the rest of the items on the plate, the combination was awesome. The Kesari was goooood, a nice way to ย endย theย meal.

Would I head back here?

The food was good but the traffic on the way out was terrible. I was stuck for 20 minutes before being able to get out of KL. Considering I’ve got a few Indian restaurant I fancy nearer to me, I would perhaps only visit Junior Chellapa when I want a change of scene.

Address: No. 4, Old Malaya, Lorong Raja Chulan.

Opening hours: Everyday. 12 pm – 12 am.

Signing out now, Ciao.


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