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Muse @ Happy Mansion, Section 17 – Har Jiong Kai Burger? Yumm (Pork Free)

This eatery is the latest addition to Happy Mansion, Section 17. Muse replaces Hello by Kitchen Mafia. Does it ring a bell? Hello was basically the only eatery that was all black and bold, occupying a corner lot in Block B.  Remember?

Yea well, it is gone now. Cant say I would miss them though. My first time there –   food was good. Subsequent visits – food was not great. Needless to say, I dont think I’d miss them.

As you can see, the cafe had a green/pink theme to it which provided Muse with a rather whimsical feel. On a scorching hot day with the sun glaring at you, this cafe is perhaps a good place to seek temporary refuge. Of course, with it being located in within Happy Mansion, there are plenty of eateries available offering a variety of dishes/cuisines – it all depends on what rocks your boat.

Har Jiong Kai Burger, 20 ringgit

This dish looked pretty much like a regular burger you’d find at many cafes here but here – the major difference is in the burger patty itself. The burger patty here consisted of a fried chicken thigh marinated in shrimp paste. The shrimp paste sure did make a difference, I liked it. Crunchy, juicy chicken thigh with a shrimp-ish layer. It somehow worked well and provided the chicken with a rather unusual but pleasant flavor, tasted delicious. 

If I could change one thing, it would be the bun they used. It looked similar to the thin buns used at our friendly neighborhood “Burger Ramly’s.” The issue with those buns are that it works well flat, thin patties. Big chunky meat like the ones served here, those thin buns tends to underwhelm. It simplyĀ wasĀ tooĀ thinĀ forĀ aĀ fillingĀ thisĀ size.Ā However,whetherĀ theĀ bunĀ remainsĀ  theĀ  sameĀ orĀ changes,Ā itĀ doesĀ notĀ matter asĀ theĀ starĀ ofĀ thisĀ dishĀ isĀ theĀ friedĀ  chickenĀ marinatedĀ inĀ shrimpĀ pasteĀ andĀ thatĀ wasĀ daĀ bomb.Ā TheĀ bunsĀ areĀ  moreĀ likeĀ anĀ after thought, whether it is there or not, it did not matter much, to me at least.

Muse Nasi Lemak, 21 ringgit

Okay, so I most probably would not give this dish a go again. It tasted too normal a dish to cost me 21 ringgit. The dish consisted of regular items that usually accompanies a Nasi Lemak + fried chicken and fish crackers. It was an ordinary dish. According to the Menu, the fried chicken here was “Ayam Goreng Berempah.” I did not get the ‘rempah’ part though. It was too thin a layer of spice to deem it “berempah.” That kindda sucked because I was truly looking forward to those spices and even hoped for some of those crunchy fried spice bits that usually accompanies Ayam Goreng Berempah. When I think of this specific type of chicken, I think of the ones served at Village Park. Those crunchy bits are essential, which was pretty much non existent here. Since the chicken lacked spice, I had to rely on the ‘sambal.’ The ‘sambal’ was normal, the other items were normal, usual. Yup, it was all too normal for me.

On the Menu, this dish was rated a crowd favorite in addition to being packed with spice – judging from the 3 chilies next to it, but I kindda disagree. If they gave the same rating to the Har Jiong Kai Burger – I’d understand and even agree but their Nasi lemak?? Nope, it certainly was not worth the 3 chilies because the spices were pretty much non existent and the sambal was not spicy at all. So, which part of it was worth 3 chilies? and the crowd favorite bit? it was too normal a dish to be a crowd favorite. The chicken was ordinary, the sambal was ordianry, everything was ordinary. Hmmmmm.

Would I head back here?

Perhaps I would. I did enjoy their chicken burger after all. I wouldnt mind paying them another visit to give their other dishes a go – minus the Nasi Lemak. Their desserts looked appetizing too, I look forward to tasting them in the future.

Address: Ground Floor, Block B, Section 17, Petaling Jaya

Opening hours: Everyday. 10 am – 10 pm.

Signing out now, Ciao.


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