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Our Favorite Dessert Cafes :)

** While all the eateries listed here are our favorites, the listing order is by the frequency of visit, starting with the most visited. 

-For simple, affordable, ‘homemade’ cakes-

123 Gasing @ Jalan Gasing, PJ

Technically, 123 Gasing is not labelled as a dessert cafe, they do serve a variety of dishes ranging from pastas to sandwiches and chicken chop but they do offer a selection of desserts. It is affordable and yummy. You get to choose between the fancy looking cakes with pleasing aesthetics or the ‘homemade’ cakes that looks simple yet taste yummy. My favorites are their Carrot Cake, 8 ringgit + Bread and Butter Pudding, 9 ringgit? + Butter/ Banana Cake, 7 ringgit? The cafe is also an awesome place to ‘lepak’. Nice, cozy environment, pleasant music and customer service. I catch up with my friends here, play board games here, wait for the after-work traffic to clear up here, work on my laptop here, tea time here, lunch here, dinner here… yea – I can go on and on, you get the picture 🙂 

*** This cafe tends to get rather crowded at times, if you enjoy immersing yourself within that crowd, chatters and conversation – then, go for it. If for some reason, on a particular day, you simply want some peace and quiet, do consider Hideaway.

Post :

Hideaway @ Section 17

This is a new cafe – a little over a month old. As mentioned in previous postings, this part of Section 17, mainly the area within and surrounding Happy Mansion, is my favorite area to hang out. Why? Perhaps its due to the old school, laid back  vibe the neighborhood exudes. The fact that this cafe is located within this area is a plus and then, add in freshly baked, tasty desserts … ooooo, yes please! I think it is aptly named. Tucked in a quiet corner, it makes for a good place to take a break or hideaway from the daily stressors of life. A temporary retreat + yummy cakes can put a smile on anyone. The popular dessert here is the Pandan Gula Melaka cake, 10 ringgit, worth every penny because it truly is delicious. Warm, dense, pandan  cake with coconut flakes for garnish – yummmm. Definitely a MUST TRY! They are about 2 months old but I’ve already been here many times and will continue to do so. Looking forward to giving the other cakes a try


-For Lava Cake-

Wild Sheep Chase @ Taman Desa

This dessert cafe needs no introduction, of course. Literally anyone of loves this particular dessert and fancies an eatery not too far from home has been here. The chocolate lava cakes here is da bomb. The thick chocolate literally ooozing out as you cut through the cake – ooo man, yum and with the help of the vanilla ice cream, you’d get the perfect equilibrium between hot and cold.

The cafe itself is a nice, cozy place to sit, relax and get some work done. I do not always order dessert whenever I visit Wild Sheep Chase, lol. Sometimes, I drop by, get myself a glass of warm hot chocolate and spend the next 2,3 hours catching up on work. So yea, not on does this cafe offers you good desserts, it comes present with an awesome ambiance too.


– For Waffles –

Fluffed Cafe & Dessert Bar @ Paramount Garden, PJ

I like heading here not only because it serves me yummy waffles but also because it takes me less than 15 minutes to get there. Quite a bit of my time are spent in and surrounding Jaya One – for work, and whenever I need a little sweetness to satisfy my sweet tooth, Fluffed always comes to mind. This cafe is located on the tail end of Paramount Garden, the side that is closest to PJ, which is why it takes me barely 15 minutes to get there.

The main star here is of course their waffles, although they do offer ice creams and cakes. If you want delicious, soft, fluffy waffles – do consider this dessert cafe. I’ve so far given three of their waffles a try and my favorite is Peter Pan, the pandan flavored waffle with coconut ice cream. It is lovely. So, if you crave waffles, remember Fluffed.


– For Waffles of the Different Kind: Banana Leaf –

Foret Blanc @ Petaling Utama Avenue, PJ

Foret Blanc offers you a variety of desserts. They are known for their rather creative, whimsical homemade ice cream sundaes, artisan waffles, specialty desserts like Avo Cuddle ( homemade avocado ice cream served in chocolate avocado skin) which by the way is a crowd favorite but for me, nothing beats this awesome creation of Banana Leaf Waffle – finger lickin’ good.

This was da bomb. I truly enjoyed myself with this one. The chutneys, both the mint and coconut was authentic, you’d be able to taste the grated ingredients in it. The waffle itself was “Vadai” flavored. The coconut ice cream was yummmy, it provided the whole dish with sweetness. It was an awesome take on a popular Indian dish. Certainly a waffle worth trying.


– For Neighborhood Gelato & Ice Cream: Damansara Kim –

Gelato : Piccoli Lotti @ Damansara Kim

Okay, I know there are plenty of other places with plenty of dessert spots in them – Damansara Uptown, Sunway, Bangsar and etc but Damansara Kim is my favorite spot whenever I was some peace and quiet, an under-the- radar kindda neighborhood. Although nowadays, with eateries popping up at every nook and corner, the under-the-radar bit might only last a lil bit longer. Oh well.

Anyways, if you are in the mood for some delicious, decadent gelato, do head over to Piccoli Lotti. Their offerings are divine. I especially love the Durian and Pulut Tai Tai flavor. Lovely.


Ice Cream: Ice Dreams Cafe (IDC) @ Damansara Kim

This is my favorite spot for ice cream. They serve us specialty ice cream (Kapiti), all the way from New Zealand. Although IDC has been around for years, I like the fact that it is still very much under the radar. Those who know about it, know and those who dont, dont. It makes for an excellent place to sit, relax and get some work done while licking of a scoop of thick, delicious ice cream. You can add in some waffles, if you fancy, they offer you that too.


For Pancakes

Souffle Dessert Cafe @ Puchong

If you are a fan of this specific kind of pancake, this dessert cafe sure does it justice. Somewhere mid last year, the whole ‘Souffle Pancake’ trend started picking up intensely and just like any trend, it eventually dies down. My liking for this particular pancake however, did not, lol. Since Souffle is      located all the way in Puchong, I do not visit this cafe as much as I would  like but the few times I did, it sure was worth it. 

While they are known for their souffle pancakes, they also offer a selection of other desserts – waffles, toast, soft serves 🙂


-For no frills, simple soupy desserts –

Farmers Street Food & Dessert @ Jaya Shopping Center

This eatery is where we usually head to when we fancy some simple desserts like red bean soup, peanut paste, ginger soup and etc. These sort of desserts are hard to come by these days. The days where locating old aunties and uncles operating a roadside stall serving an array of these desserts seem to be long gone, in the main towns/cities at least. So, imagine how glad I was when I stumbled upon them . Now I get to have them at my fingertips, whenever I please. I love the fact that most of the hot desserts are served with glutinous balls (with black sesame filling). I usually feel giddy seeing them, makes me feel like a child, for some reason.

** This is not only a dessert cafe. They offer solid meals too, my favorite is their Butter Chicken. As for desserts – they serve hot and cold desserts, lava cake, flavored shaved ice, bubble tea and etc.


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