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Chayo Restaurant & Cafe @ Kelana Mall, Kelana Jaya – A accidental find, good Indian food.

The only reason I ever visit Kelana Mall was to eat at this particular Chinese vegetarian restaurant. I cannot remember the name but it is popular, a crowd favorite for lunch. It simply is one of those situations whereby you know specifically where the eatery is located but for the life of you, you simply cannot recall its name.

Yea, we decided to pay this eatery a visit yesterday. We are certainly not vegetarians but the food served here was awesome enough that perhaps giving up meat isnt a sacrifice at all. Yup, that was how it felt whenever I ate here. Knowing we are headed where we were headed, my tummy got all rumbly in anticipation …. only to find out that it has closed, closed for good. Yikes! Oh the disappointment. 

What else can we do except get onto Google and see what is good nearby and fast forward 8 minutes, we found Chayo. It was rated quite highly online and is yet another vegetarian restaurant – not Chinese though, Indian, norther Indian. We did not intentionally go looking for another vegetarian eatery , nope , it seems like food was good at Chayo despite being vegetarian, worth giving a try.

We arrived at 1.50 ish pm, most of the lunch crowd already left. This meant that we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. For lunch, they offer 2 options – to order individual dishes or go for their buffet selection.

For the Buffet – it usually starts at 12.30 pm and ends at 2.30 pm. They offer a selection of 6,7 dishes + rice + rotis + desserts. You can take as much as you like, refill as many time, all for a cost of 14.90 ringgit – which I thought was very reasonable, very. Since it is the two of us, one decided to go for the buffet and the other decided to order something from the menu.

Vegetarian Buffet, 14.90 ringgit (12.30 -2.30 pm)


We sure had a feast with this one. Ate like pigs, we did. We decided to give both their rotis a try – chapati and parotha. Both were yummy, healthy but I preferred the Parotha. It was slightly thicker and had more flavor to it. Based on the number of times the cooks had to refill the parotha pot , it was obvious that this particular roti was a crowd favorite too. We loved their brinjal curry?Perhaps curry is not the right word, it certainly was thicker than curry but it sure was delicious. They were generous in their brinjal offering as each scoop came with plenty of it, we were in brinjal heaven, lol. Literally had a go at it three times.. Besides that, there were vegetables like long beans and fried bittergourd and the sambar – ooo man, the sambar here is da bomb. Really thick with loads of dhal piled on into it, having it with rice and the rotis were finger licking good. After several servings of numerous items – we got full but not before we ‘hantam’ their desserts, of course. We ate 2 laddoos and 2 servings of yummy, rich payasam.

Burp! We ate like pigs, yesss. I’d totally do this again, for 14.90 ringgit, it was worth it. Their food taste good, I was very happy with what I ate here.

Paneer Burger, 14.90 ringgit

This was simply because we both loveeee paneer – cottage cheese and paneer served this way, in a burger? We just had to give it a go, too curious to say no, lol. It was pretty good. The burger buns itself was crispy and a lil sweet, which complimented the paneer itself, which basically tasted as paneer usually would. Good thing that their paneer patty was not too thin or else we would not have been able to taste much. Here, it was just right. I liked this dish very much. I’d order it again too.

Would I head back here?

Oooo yes, I totally would. I am coming back, that is for sure.

Address: 50-1, Kelana Mall, SS 6/14 Kelana Jaya

Opening hours: Everyday, 9.40 am – 10 pm.

Signing out now, Ciao.


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