Dry Homemade Pan Mee Traditional Dumplings

Y E Traditional Dumplings @ Pandan Jaya – Dry Pan Mee :)

My friend had some business to take care of and the two of us decided to tag along today. We had some free time on our hands and figured – why not, ey? It has been ages since we’ve been in the area – Pandan Jaya, years in fact. Well, since none of us were familiar with the area, I decided to do the usual, get onto Google to check on whether there were any recent food related postings in regards to this specific area. We found a few but decided on this particular eatery because they serve traditional dumpling yawwwww ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Well, honestly, I kindda thought the ‘dumplings’ here were in reference to the dumplings in soup that usually accompanies wan tan mee but my friend was adamant the ones served here were entirely different from what I had in mind. He further went on to explain in detail how it tended to look like and it piqued my interest because yea – it sure was different from what I initially thought. Excited yesssss!

As soon as I arrived, simply by looking at the exterior, it got me all excited because I just knew that there was going to be plenty of ‘old school’ to look forward to here and as I entered, it got even better. It is not everyday that I come across a restaurant that doesn’t only serve you traditional food but also looks the part as well.  Nice ooooo.

We arrived at nearly 2 pm and there were still plenty of people around. It sure was a lively environment, with plenty of chatter and conversations. Customer service was good, as soon as you are seated, they come to you and take your order. Food arrived within 10 minutes.

Dried Handmade Pan Mee, 8.50 ringgit

This dish was yummy. It basically consisted of rather colorful yellow, green homemade noodles + minced meat + fried pork fat + fried anchovies + seaweed? It was a good mix between oily and spicy. Tasted delicious, as soon as it arrived at our table, we started gobbling it all up. Definitely a dish I’d order again

Sambal Dried Shrimps Chang, 7.50 ringgit

This was basically sticky rice with a filling of shrimp sambal. The rice part tasted rather bland – as it should be and the sambal had plenty of spice and anchovies to munch on. The combination of both provided a good mix of texture and flavors. It was overall – decent. I most probably would give it a miss during my next visit as it did not blow me away.

Would I head here again?

If I do not mind the 35-40 minutes drive to get here, then yes. The food I’ve tasted so far was good and I look forward to trying the other items on their Menu.

Address: 8G, Jalan Pandan Jaya 3/9, Pandan Jaya, Cheras.

Opening hours: Everyday. Mondays to Saturdays, 10 am – 10.30 pm. Sundays, 10 am – 7 pm.

Signing our now, Ciao.


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