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Azzurri Italia @ TTDI – Affordable Italian food (Pork Free)

We’ve been having a couple of meetings at TTDI of late, by the time we are done, it’s mostly after the usual lunch hour. Time, with plenty of those, we often found ourselves driving around the area, looking for an eatery to fill our empty stomachs with yummy goodies, lol.

As we were driving passed Mukha, we noticed this new addition and decided to drop by for a visit. We did not have much time though, just a little over 45 minutes, due to the fact that they close at 2.30 pm before reopening at 6 pm but no worries, we are fast eaters ๐Ÿ™‚ Lead the way, lol.

For lunch, you could either order from their Menu or opt for their Set Lunch. The Lunch Set costs 15.90 ringgit and comes with a Meal (anything from their Pasta and Pizza option) + dessert + drink, which I thought was a very good deal, especially when they do not “downsize” the items – I checked. For instance, the Pizza, usually when you order the set, the portion gets smaller, right? Not here though. You’d get the actual size + dessert + drink, all for 15.90 ringgit. Wowza.ย It is a no brainer which option we went for. The Set Lunch for both of us,ย ofย course.

Set Lunch 1: Al Pesto (Pasta) + Ice Cream + Diet Coke. 15.90 ringgit with Chicken add on, 5 ringgit


Set Lunch 2: Hawaiian ( Pizza) + Ice Cream + Sprite, 15.90 ringgit

Sprite & Ice Cream
Al Pesto Pasta
Hawaiian Pizza

Food was decent and good value for money.ย Theย pastaย was okay. I generally like my pesto pasta thick and creamy, which was not the case here. No big deal though, cant always have it your way, right? This was a simple dish. It was suppose to be vegetarian but we decided to add some chicken into the mix (Chicken add on for 5 ringgit). I had one issue with this dish and that was that they was NO pine nuts. In the Menu, it was specifically written (Basil and pine nuts in olive oil). Yea, where were the pine nuts? There wasn’t any on my plate. Whyย why?

The pizza was not too heavy. It is what I’d call ‘light and easy.’ It looked and tasted like a homemade pizza. Seriously. The crust was crisp and thin, which I assume would have done wonders to my calorie intake? One can only hope, lol. The crust was topped with tomato sauce + cheese + pineapple + chicken. As mentioned previously, it was basically something my friends and I would whip up in our kitchen back when we were college housemates. Nostalgic, it was. I liked it.

Would I head back here?

Yea, why not. Food was affordable and tasted decent.

Address: 17, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13, TTDI

Opening hours: Mondays to Saturdays, 12 pm – 2.30 pm & 6 pm – 10 pm.

Signing out now, Ciao.


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