Briyani Chicken Biriyani Indian Maggi Goreng

Rusi @ TTDI – Hmmm, not sure about this one.

On our way to Petron, we saw Rusi. It is located within the same stretch of shops that houses Frisky Goat Cafe and Foo Foo Desserts. Apparently, it has been around since August last year but we have only just notice it.

It was my friend that first saw Rusi. I wouldnt have known what Rusi was if it was not for him. My Indian vocabulary only consist of the words ‘Dey, macha, vada, poda and enna dei’. You know, the usual, lol. I was told that Rusi meant ‘tasty’?

** Do excuse the image/photo quality 🙂 it wasnt intentional.

We arrived a little over 2 pm, way passed the usual lunch time. Fully intended to have a go at their mix rice offering but quite a bit of the dishes were already finished – understandably. So, we opted for their Claypot Chicken Briyani and Maggi Goreng.

There was a language barrier when communicating with the workers at Rusi. Both of us like specific parts of a chicken when having it with rice, in this case briyani. We fancy having them with chicken breast, simply because it usually is more tender and juicy. So, we tried asking them whether it was possible but they did not seem to understand English or Malay and it became a case of the first guy not understanding and proceeded to call another guy who ended up in the same pickle and that went on for a while until the cook himself came forward and that was when we had some progress. He was not an excellent communicator but based on our finger movements and speech and pointing at items of interest – we managed to get our question answered.

Claypot Chicken Briyani, 15 ringgit + Fried Maggi 5.50 ringgit

Before mix
After mix

When the dish first arrived, I sure was taken by surprise. I have not seen ‘white’ briyani, as in briyani that comes with white rice, minus the spice and gravy. For a while there, I got worried but they assured me that the masala mix is all at the bottom, we just need to mix it all up and true enough, once we did the mixing, it started looking like a briyani – yay! 

Tastewise, hmmmm something was missing. There was a good amount of masala in it but it seemed like that was all there was. There was a lack of turmeric, chili powder and the usual spices. This brought me back to when I attempted to make masala chicken? I got lazy and decided to put in a lot of masala powder because I assumed with masala alone, that would make up for the spices + chillie + turmeric + cloves + cardamom and etc. When it was cooked, yea sure – there was a lot of masala and it helps with the flavor but it does not replace the taste of some of the main missing ingredients. It goes without saying that the chicken dish was not rated highly among my friends. It kindda tasted similar here, with the briyani. There was a whole lot of masala but that was all there was, which resulted in the briyani tasting rather bland. I most probably would not order this dish again. 

This was your usual ‘mamak’ style fried Maggie. I’ve got no complaints about this dish. It was tasty and yummy.

Would I head back here?

I dont know. Perhaps not.

Address: 82, Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi, TTDI
Opening hours: Everyday. 7.30 am – 7.30 pm.

Signing out now, Ciao.


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