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Mikro @ Taman Melawati – A Pleasant surprise (Halal)

We had some meetings to attend in Ampang today and by the time we were done, it was just about time for lunch. Since we had a bit of time on our hands, we decided to drop by Melawati Mall, simply to check out what’s new. Last we visited was when it newly opened, most shop lots were still empty. It has progressed a whole lot since then, good thing.

Once we were done with the mall, we exited and opted to go round the block which is known as Melawati Square, which operates as a mini business park? It was highly likely that we could find an eatery here that would appeal to us, considering the fact that every direction you head – there is bound to be at least one restaurant or cafe available. After about 5 – 10 minutes of driving around, we discovered Mikro.

This is truly one of those ‘No Frills’ kindda cafe. What you see is what you’d get. As soon as you enter, you’d be able to see straight , all the way back into their kitchen. There is no separate sections and all, everything is in the open. It is simple and serves its purpose. There was no fancy decors or bombastic colors. It was precisely as I said – what you see is what you’d get. I enjoyed it, there was something rather unique about the whole experience. The¬†simplicity¬†is¬†something¬†rarely¬†experienced.¬†It¬†literally¬†felt¬†like¬†I¬†was¬† eating¬†lunch¬†in¬†somebody’s¬†kitchen.¬†A¬†nice¬†experience.

Kombucha, 13 ringgit

The Kombucha is Mikro’s version of fermented tea. It ummmm, took some getting use to, lol. Once you’ve cross that stage, then the drink started to taste appealing. It initially tasted like an alcoholic drink, there was that extra ‘kick’ factor that usually accompanied those beverages, it seemed somewhat similar here but rest assured – it is non alcoholic, of course. Once you’ve given it and yourself sometime to get acquainted, the journey gets much more pleasant from then on. Would I order it again? I would but perhaps not as often as I would a glass of hot chocolate or latte. Get what I mean? Like it said, it takes some getting use to. Considering how rarely I’ve  come across something like this and apparently, it comes with some sort of  health benefits – why not, right? I do not know when I might get a taste of  Fermented Tea again, sure am glad to have tasted it at Mikro.

Desperado, 22 ringgit + Pesto Pasta with Chicken, 20 ringgit

Pesto Pasta + Chicken

Food was delicious. The Pesto Pasta was awesome. I know I’ve mentioned several times that I usually like this specific version of pasta to be creamy and thick but this version served here was equally as enjoyable. It is what I’d refer to as ‘light and easy’. It was neither thick nor creamy but what it was – oily and filled with fresh basil. Every mouth you take, you’d taste it. It was different from the usual, fresh. They also provided a generous portion of chicken bits which made it all even better. It was a lovely dish. I enjoyed it.

Desperado was another awesome dish. It was basically a tortilla wrap as you’d see from the images above. On the inside (filling) was a medium piece of lightly fried sea bass + salsa + sprouts. This is far from the usual items I’d order but I sure am glad I did. It certainly fell into the ‘something different’ category to me but I truly enjoyed myself with this one, more so than the pesto pasta. It offered me a mix of flavors, textures, taste. Simply biting through the first layer of crunchy tortilla and then into the salsa and juicy, tender, crispy sea bass, was simply divine. I’d definitely give this dish a go again.

Would I head back here?

For sure. I’d return. Nost as much as I would like though, considering it takes me 30 minutes to get here but yea, whenever possible – I’d pay Mikro a visit again.

Address: 320, Jalan Bandar Melawati, Melawati Square, Taman Melawati, Ampang. (If you have difficulties locating Mikro via Waze, do look for Captain Kleen Fabricare instead – located next to the cafe)

Opening hours: Everyday. 8 am – 12 am.

Signing out now, Ciao.


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