Halal Nasi Ayam Nasi Lemak

3 Budak Gemok @ Sri Hartamas – Nasi Ayam Kicap Sambal Gesek. YUM !!!

I did not know of the existence of this eatery/stall until few days ago. I was having lunch with a client and towards the end of the meeting, we ended up chatting about food and he brought up 3 Budak Gemok. He had a business meeting + supper there, well …more like friends catching up for supper, chatting about everything under the sun and then, spending about 5 minutes to catch-up on some business talk, yup – that kind. Anyways ……. he was taken by surprised when he arrived because this particular stall and the one next to it had a loooooong waiting line, 20 minutes long at least. No joke. Good thing his friend arrived earlier and was already in line or else it would have been a long wait. This piqued my interest and so here I was.

3 Budak Gemok (Blue stall)

I did not know of this food court, did you?Nope. I arrived around 2 pm, by which time, most of the lunch crowd have left. It was a pretty chill environment, no stress. I would have thought that that I would be sweating in the food court, considering how hot it was but there was plenty of breeze from the road as cars passed.

How to get here? It is located technically next to Naughty Nuri’s. Not the front part, but the back part. As you walk round the corner, you would be able to see this eatery.

The other landmark would be the Shell petrol station. The food court is opposite the road from it.

3 Budak Gemok only sells one dish, a dish they are famous for – the Nasi Ayam Kicap Sambal Gelek, 8 ringgit. I did not have an inkling of an idea of what to expect for but I knew for sure that I’d get rice and chicken, sweet deal. As you could see from the image above, the dish comes with 4,5 medium sized fried chicken coated with what I assume is the sambal gelek + rice + chili paste + cucumber. I am the kind of person that needs gravy for everything, including the rice, I like it a lil wet. I assume that people usually eat this dish dry but I was not use to it at all. So, I had to go back to the stall, to request for some extra. The sambal gelek was yummy. It basically was thick, dark gravy that was a lil spicy, a lil sweet. Add that in with some crispy chicken, rice and some heat from the chili paste? It was delicious.

The stall next to 3 Budak Gemok is Sedap Malam Station. While they serve several dishes, what they are famous for is their Nasi Lemak + Ayam, 8.50 ringgit.

This is one of those dishes that is simple yet delicious. The chicken was more of an add on, and I was glad I decided to do so even though it cost me 7 ringgit, the Nasi Lemak, 1.50 ringgit. It was fried in a slightly different manner? The batter that coated the chicken – that was different. It is not the usual crispy kind but more soft, tender. It some flavor to it but when eaten with the rice and the sambal – really nice. The sambal was flavorful, I do not usually fancy sambal that are not the thick kind but this slightly watery version worked just fine here. I enjoyed it.

Would I head back here?

If I am in the area and I am in the mood for some simple, no frills yummy food, then yeah – I’d be back here.

Address : Opposite Shell petrol station. Next to Naughty Nuri’s ( not the font side but the back. Walk around the corner and you would see the food court)

Opening hours: Daily morning till late night.

Signing out now, Ciao.


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