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Meteora Cafe @ USJ – Nice (Halal)

Apparently, this cafe is known for their churros. I am not a huge fan of this desert? starter? My friend however, is and for the past 6 months, she has been bugging my life about accompanying her to this cafe. Only god knows why she insisted this friend (me), a non churro lover, to accompany her to a churro shop.

Anyways, I finally got around to saying YES to her and so, here we were. At the rate she was going on and on about it, I thought churros were all they served here but nope – it is a full fledge cafe, serving everything from main meals to desserts.

First thing I noticed when I entered Meteora was the light balls attached to the ceiling. It had a certain charm to it, unique and artsy. I suppose you can refer to this as a ‘neighborhood cafe” because it is located near housing area and also the fact that their customers comes from all walks of life. There were a bunch of people that were having a business discussion, there were some ‘uncles’ and ‘aunties’ who looked like they lived nearby, decided to walk over and have lunch here and every now and then a bunch of friends having their get together here. It was enjoyable

Local Set Lunch (Butter Chicken Rice + Ice Tea + Dessert) , 15 ringgit


The Chicaroostah, 25 ringgit

Butter Chicken Rice
The Chicaroostah

I decided to give their Set Lunch a go as soon as I saw the option – Butter Chicken Rice. Everything else was forgotten, lol. Ooo and I was told that for dessert, I’d get 2 churros and this was great because there would be only two pieces as I am not a fan of this particular dessert and I’d be able to keep my friend happy knowing and seeing with her own two eyes that I’ve finally given the churros here a try.

Man, the Butter Chicken Rice was yummy! It came with a generous portion of chicken and gravy. I liked the fact that they provided me with lots of gravy, more than enough to have with the rice and a lil extra to slurrrp on its own. This was a delight. It was thick, flavorsome, sweet …. it sure did make for a yummy lunch. BURP! For dessert , I got two churros and caramel sauce for a dip. Surprisingly, I enjoyed it. It was crispy on the outside, warm on the inside and dipping it into that caramel sauce…. ho ma godddd! Very niceeeee! Now I understand why almost every table ordered a whole basket of it. I do get the hype. Yup, delicious it was.

The Chicaroostah was a simple burger. It was a nice change from the usual fancy, gourmet burgers I’ve gotten accustomed to of late. It was basically a combination of grilled chicken breast, cheese, mayo, mustard sauce and burger buns. There were supposed to be caramelized onions but the cook somehow forgot to put that in. It was no problem though, when I requested for them onions, they were apologetic and very quickly fixed it. The burger overall was good but I most probably would give this dish a miss next time. Would rather give the other dishes available a try.

Would I head back here?

Yes, if it is not for anything else, for the churros I will 🙂 

Address: 54-1, Jalan USJ 9/5P, Subang Jaya

Opening hours: Everyday. 11 am – 11 pm.

Signing out now, Ciao.


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