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Ra-Ft Cafe @ Binjai 8, Ampang – I can see why they like it.

Ra-Ft is one of those eateries that I’ve seen going around social media for ages now – people posting pictures of the food, the place and etc. This piqued my interest, the usual patterns with eateries are that its tends to die down after a while but not cafe though. I figured that it was about time to drop by and see why?

I liked the fact that it felt ‘secluded’ ? So, the cafe is located on the Ground floor of Binjai 8, right? There are other buildings located next to it, arranged in a circle of sorts. If you are driving in, the same was in is the same way out. To me, it resembled the shape of a mushroom? The top curved part are the buildings and right smack in the middle of it is Binjai 8, and the straight bottom part of the mushroom are the roads – the same way in is the same way out. This sort of arrangement provided the cafe with a secluded feel, at least from where I was seated. I also liked the fact that there were plenty of greens everywhere, seeing them around was a delight to my eyes. It was fancy, elegant, cozy all in one. Besides the locals, expats seem to love the place, they kept coming – families, friends, meeting, you name it. There¬†are¬†quite¬†a¬†few¬†things¬†to¬†like¬†about¬†the¬†whole¬†setup,¬†I¬†can¬†see¬†why¬†this¬†particular¬†branch¬†is¬†popular.

Ra-Ft Breakfast, 33 ringgit

I liked the fact that when I requested for scrambled eggs to be ‘runny’, it came runny. You’d be surprised how many times I’d have to return the plate for them to get it right the second time, elsewhere … many times. Thank god it was not the case here. Here, they listen. As you’d be able to see, this dish comes with a slice of homemade bread, mushrooms, baked beans, roasted tomatoes, bacon, chicken sausage, scrambled eggs and mashed potato. It was good, yummy. Every single item on the place was flavorful.

Ra-Ft Fusion Pad Thai, 24 ringgit

Okay, the pad thai was not my cup of tea. It was different, that’s for sure. I cant say I’ve come across pad thai that comes with green sprouts and purple cabbage. I know this is their spin to it but uuugghhh! it sure ain’t my kindda noodles. The noodles came in a generous portion – yay!! and so did the cabbage – booo!! . So, yea… you get where I stand here, me no like this dish.¬†This¬†is¬†just¬†a¬†personal¬†preferences,¬†I¬†have¬†a¬†distinct¬†dislike¬†for¬†purple¬† cabbage¬†and¬†my friend decided to mix it all up before having a go at it. so, imagine hoe much time I spent having¬†to¬†remove¬†them¬†from¬†my¬†plate.¬†Nooo.

Would I head back here?

Most probably not. I like how the cafe looks like, the ambiance and the food, the big breakfast was yummy but since I am from this end of KL – would I drive all the way to Binjai 8, to have food at Ra-Ft? Nope. Hmmm, their branch in Mont Kiara seem like a way better option for me, location wise. Yup, I shall pay them a visit soon.

Address: Ground Floor, Binjai 8, Lorong Binjai, Ampang

Opening hours: Everyday. Mon to Sat, 7.30 am – 10 pm. Sundays, 7.30 am – 6 pm.

Singing out now, Ciao.


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