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Streat Thai @ Nexus, Bangsar South – Good, affordable food (Halal)

There has been a couple of new openings in Bangsar South, mainly around Nexus and The Sphere, among them is this Thai restaurant – Streat Thai.

Streat Thai has been around for a while now, with several outlets scattered all over Kuala Lumpur, I never really got around to giving them a try though – something always came up that prevented me from paying them a visit but since they opening in Nexus a week or two back, literally a 5 – 10 minutes walk from where I work, it should not be an excuse anymore, lol.

Okay, sooooo, during week days, lunch hour – this is how it is. Full House! There literally was a waiting line outside, no joke. If you can wait – sure but if you cant, may I suggest that you guys arrive earlier, preferable anytime before 12 pm or after lunch hour? which was what we did. We arrived at 11.45 am, while there were quite a bit of people, several vacant spots were still available and one of those spots were where we sat at. The other thing you could do, especially if you are heading here in a relatively large group – do call and make reservations. I saw several tables that came with a ” Reserved for Mr/Ms ??, 12.30 pm, 6 pax ” note. You can even request for a private cubicle…

Yup, they have these mini cottage-like sections that are named after several Thai islands – Koh Similan and etc. which acts as cubicles, private corners. The doors can be opened and closed, a cocoon of sorts. It is perfect for gatherings, meetings and celebrations.

Pineapple Fried Rice with Prawns, 11. 90 ringgit

This particular type of fried rice is my favorite but of late, I’ve been reluctant to give it a go. Why? Well, most of the ones I have tried has been rather bland, almost tasteless. The kind that if it was not for the generous portion of pineapples – you can hardly any flavors. This time however, I decided to simply try my luck and it paid off because the fried rice was delicious. The rice had flavor, there were bits of pineapples scattered all over and with a generous serving of cashew nuts and prawns. Yum yummmm.

Pad Krapow Chicken with Rice and Egg, 8.90 ringgit

This was a good dish too and it cost us 8.90 ringgit, affordable indeed. It had the usual flavors of a Pad Krapow, the minced chicken + gravy, fried egg and rice. We enjoyed it.

Plain Omelette, 9.90 ringgit

Ooooo man, the omelette – finger lickin’ yummy! It may be just a PLAIN omelette but it sure was buttery and fluffy. It simply melts in your mouth. Having it on its own was great, having it with rice though – heavenly πŸ™‚

Stir Fried Kangkung with Garlic and Chilli, 9.90 ringgit

We somehow forgot to take a close up of the kangkung – sorry. Anyways, this is your usual simple, stir fried kangkung. It a wet dish, the kind where the vegetables come with gravy. Yup, a good addition to the rice dishes.

Red Ruby, 6.90 ringgit

This is what I usually order when I am full but still insisting on having a dessert – the Red Ruby. It usually comes with way too little fillings or the coconut milk being too watery and/or sweet. I am glad that that is not the case here. Check out them colorful rubyssss ….

The amount of jackfruit was questionable but the rubies came plenty. I sure was a happy kid. Simply biting into those rubies – crunch, crunch, crunch and having it with the coconut milk, which was not too sweet and diluted – was da bomb. It was lovely.

Lemongrass drink, 4.90 ringgit

All cold drinks come in this sort of packaging, how cool is that? The top part, is similar to a tumbler? The kind where the whole top is covered except for the part where you are suppose to sip it? Yea, you basically sip your drink in this mini tumbler of sorts. No straw necessary. Cool, ey? The Lemongrass drink was good, a good way to keep your body cool during a hot day. We requested for the drink to be less sweeter and they listened, despite the full house. Awesome

Would I head back here?

Heck yea, I am returning. Food was delicious, service was good, overall experience was awesome. I hope the food standard and service will continue to be as good as it is now. Most eateries are really good at the start, when they just open doors but give it a year and everything that used to be good, suffers. I really hope that will not be the case here.

Address: G-3, Ground Floor, Nexus, Bangsar South

Opening hours: Daily, 11.30 am – 9.30 pm

Signing out now, Ciao.


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