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SS (Spesial Sambal) Waroeng @ TTDI – yuuummm … Hot hot hot!

Every time I pass through TTDI, I like to take my time to check out the newly opened eateries, see how well they are doing, whether it is worth a visit or not. The easiest and fastest way to decided is to judge based on the crowd. Well, lets just say the several times I’ve passed by during lunch – this eatery is always crowded.

It was time to drop by and pay them a visit πŸ™‚

** In case you guys are wondering, this restaurant is located next to Pizza Hut and opposite D’Chengkih. Anyways, the inside of this eatery is pretty simple, nothing too fancy. I liked how they work the space though, it is arranged in such a way that even if it does get crowded, there is plenty of room left to move about. Customer service was awesome, the workers are friendly and helpful. There were some terms in their Menu that I was not familiar with – Nasi Porsi, Nasi Bakul, Gudangan, Pecel, Telur Dadar Gobal Gobul and etc. Yea, well, it was quite a bit of explaining to do and they did it with a smile.

So, frankly speaking, I did not spend much time looking through their Menu because there was an order sheet that I was suppose to fill in, with details of what i was interested to order. Yea, that sheet was pretty self explanatory, it already states all the available items, and if you already know what you fancy, simply fill it in and order.

Yup, see what I was talking about?

The food is served in single portions meant for single seaters, hence, some of the portions are small. It is a good thing though because it works either way. If you are on your own, you can order a bunch of stuff and feast on it and if you are in a group, you can order a whole selection of stuff and indulge in a lot of different options. So, it works either way. Rather than the usual ordering of one or two main dishes, here, I got to try a variety of dishes in smaller portions. In the end though, I still ended up full, its all good. Burp!

Ooooo and if you cannot take much heat, chillis – beware ! They pile up the chillies in almost every dish. They sure do produce that extra ‘kick’, that is for sure. If you can handle it – awesome, if you cant – do tell them to tone it down. Good thing is that everything is cooked fresh, so, you’d be able to request from a reduction of chilli usage πŸ™‚ I literally saw a guy sweating it out by the time he was done. Literally sweat dripping off his forehead and him wiping it off didn’t make a difference. On top of that, his face and neck was all soo red you’d think he is suffering from heat stroke. Lol. Me on the other hand, I enjoyed it. Sure, my tongue was in a lil discomfort at the end due to all heat but I had a good time indulging and enjoying the food. I would not have changed a thing.

Sambal Udang Pedas
Telur Dadar Gobal – Gabul
Telur Dadar Original
Sotong Tepung Goreng
Tumis Kangkung
Petai Goreng & Sambal Shinchuan
Ayam Dada Bakar

The Sambal Udang Pedas, 5 ringgit lives up to its name because it sure was ‘pedas’. I liked it because it also had a bit of sweetness to it, which I loveeee and then add in one of my favorite seafood – the prawns, and I’m sold. There were about 6,7 pieces of prawns which for a single seater, is more than enough. I however came in a group, each of us got 2 pieces, which worked well with the other dishes ordered.

Between the Telur Dadar Original, 3 ringgit and Gobal-Gabul, 3.50 ringgit, we all liked the latter better, liked it so much that we ordered an extra of two. Both eggs were delicious but the Gobal-Gabul had extra flavoring to it, a sweet, kechupy taste to it that went very well with the rice.

The Sotong Tepung Goreng, 8 ringgit was da bomb. Crispy on the outside and all soft and chewy on the inside, I enjoyed this dish. This surprisingly came in a pretty large amount, compared to the other dishes. I ain’t complaining though, we ate it all up πŸ™‚

The Ayam Dada Bakar, 7 ringgit was awesome. It came in two options – goreng or bakar, we opted for the healthier version, bakar. The chicken meat was surprisingly soft and tender. It literally falls of the bone. Imagine having it with some sambal and rice? Damn, it got my tummy excited again.

Some of the vegetables comes in two options – cah or tumis. If I am not mistaken, Cah basically is with garlic and Tumis is with chilli ? We opted for Kangkung Tumis, 3.50 ringgit and it was good. It is the usual simple stir fried kankung that goes well with rice.

Would I head here again?

Most definitely. Food was great, tasty and flavorful. An awesome eatery to head back to if I fancy some Indonesian food with local resemblance that allows me to have a bit of everything at an affordable price.

Address: 41, Jalan Wan Kadir 2, TTDI (Next to Pizza Hut)

Opening hours: Everyday. Mon – Thurs, Sat & Sun, 11 am – 11 pm. Fri, 2.30 pm – 11 pm.

Signing out now, Ciao.


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