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Soylab @ Damansara Uptown, PJ – Tau Foo Faaaaaaah!! Oooo my :)

Okay, every single time I passed by this dessert shop, it is full. Literally every single time. These guys are somewhat new, having been around probably a lil over 2,3 months. Here I was hoping the crowd would have died down by now, perhaps the soy novelty would have simmered but no, here I was months later and still a full house.

If you loveeee soy and literally everything to do with it – soy milk, tau foo fah aka bean curd and other soy related mixes, this is totally the place that would and could satisfy your thirst, cravings.

As soon as I saw the fluffy pancakes, I wanted to go for it but on second thought it was better I do not as I would be having a rather heavy dinner later so, I opted for something in between – something not too heavy but consisted of items I like. In the end, I went for Shuai Beancurd.

Shuai Beancurd, 9.50 ringgit

This dish is a combination of beancurd + soymilk + brown sugar syrup + 2 toppings. There were 5 available toppings for picking and I opted for black tapioca pearls and glutinous rice balls.

Firstly, I poured in the soy milk and brown sugar syrup onto the beancurd.

Next, I put in the 2 toppings and started indulging.

I cant say it has ever crossed my mind to think of a mix such as beancurd and pearls. The reason for this is most probably because I’d assume the rather potent taste/flavor of soy would overshadow every other ingredient but I was proven wrong here. I certainly did enjoy this dish. It was a delightful dessert, something light but with a variety. The pearls were warm, soft and gooey, which is different from the ones I’d usually get from say Tealive? I think they were also coated with brown sugar syrup, so, whenever you get a pearl or two with a spoonful of curd and soy milk, there is that extra burst of sweetness that I liked a whole lot. The glutinous rice balls had peanut filling and this too was an awesome combination with the beancurd.

Would I head back here?

Oooo yes, I definitely will be back. Have I mention my liking for soy milk and beancurd? I’d say with the nice setup and good ingredients, it still is affordable. A simple beancurd with brown sugar syrup from my local market aunty cost me 3.50 ringgit, here it cost me 5 ringgit. So yea, it definitely is good value for money.

Address: 104, Jalan SS 21/39, Damansara Utama (Same row as Starbucks)

Opening hours: Tuesdays – Fridays, 1 pm – 11 pm. Weekends, 1 pm – 12 am. Mondays closed.

Signing out now, Ciao.


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