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ChubbeeCloud @ Damansara Uptown – Cheesy goodness!

Been seeing this colorful sandwich making its round in social media ..

Notice the colorful sandwich?? I sure did, which was why I dragged my friends all the way here to give this colorful dish a go. It isnt everyday that I come across colorful sandwiches, cakes – yes and other forms of desserts – yes but sandwich? Nope. So, I had to give them a try. Where? at Chubbeecloud!

I’ve heard of them even before they decided to set up a physical shop. Chubeecloud is know for what I would refer to as ‘Designer Marshmallows’. A couple of my friends have received them as birthday gifts and etc. It usually consist of a bunch of marshmallows, with designs an/or messages printed on them, which I think is brilliant. Rather than the usual, email, roses, chunky birthday gifts, Chubbeecloud offers something different.

So, naturally when I found out that they expanded into a physical store which offers a variety of desserts, I was fully expecting the cafe to exudes a whimsical, colorful, artsy interior. Was it? It wasssss ๐Ÿ™‚

*** The only downer was their frontline. For such a whimsical cafe, with everything exuding a happy vibe, the folks working at the counter were rather glum, throughout the entire duration of our visit. It isnt any hardship to put a smile on your face, is it? Please do so.

Happy Toast, 13.90 ringgit

The Happy Toast is aptly named if you loveeeee cheese. If you do not, then this wouldn’t be a happy dish for you.

This is basically a cheese sandwich. Besides the colorful filling, everything else is perhaps something I could put together in my sandwich maker. The difference here is that I would most probably use the cheaper Chesedale cheese I picked up at the grocery shop as opposed to the good quality Mozzarella cheese used here. The use of this particular cheese allows for the whole stretching of the sandwich, as depicted by the images at the start of this post.

** Stretching fail – friend didn’t have the patience to do it gracefully.

As I mentioned earlier, if you lovee cheese, then you would enjoy the happy toast. They sure do stuff the sandwich with loads of Mozzarella. It may look sweet like bubblegum but dont let it fool you – it is soooo cheesy, you’d need to keep on chewing. Imagine how filling this could be? So, if you want to truly enjoy this plate of colorful goodies, do indulge on it preferably on empty stomach.

Address: 85 – G , Jalan SS 21/ 1 a, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya

Opening hours: Tuesdays to Sundays, 12 pm – 11 pm. Monday Closed.

Signing out now, Ciao.


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