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Seniman Kakao @ Jalan Pudu Lama – A hidden delight.

I dont know about you guys, but I tend to like buildings with a lil history to them, perhaps something like the row of shops that houses Merchant Lane. Even if there isnt much history, I like places that looks like there is plenty of it, the old school buildings that looked like they have been around since pre war days. Well, if you are like me, you certainly enjoy a visit to Seniman Kakao because it is nestled in a row of shops that is a slightly more elegant version of the ones you would come across in Petaling Street.

I did not know of the existence of this row of shops, although I’ve passed by the road that turns into this row many times. Umm, how do I explain this? There is that road in front of Central Market, the one where you are heading into KL with Central Market on your left and the Pasar Seni LRT station on your right. As you are heading straight on, you’d pass Kota Raya and as you head on straight, you’d pass the Indian temple – the road we usually take, shortcut into the other side of KL. Yea, that road, we usually end up turning left, often forgetting that there is a right turning too. Well, the right turning leads to this. It is a quiet, understated row of shops with several backpacker hostels and low budget hotels. You’d see quite a bit of ‘mat sallehs’ walking around going about their day but other than that, it is pretty calm. Parking was super easy. The open car park, barely a 2 minute walk away offers an hourly rate of 2 ringgit. I could see myself driving here, parking and spending the next few hours getting comfortable at Seniman and getting some work done.

As you walk in, you’d first see this area ……

Then, as you walk further ….

Next, you can head on upstairs …..

Nice ey ?

This is a new cafe, a lil over a month old. Their main offering here, as they are aptly named – coco, chocolate, mainly the dark kind. This is a homegrown brand, the cafe may be new but they have been in the business of growing and making chocolate locally for a while now. The main attraction here is the variety of chocolates they offer, be it a drink, a dessert or chocolate bars but they also serve main dishes like pasta, rice bowls and a breakfast selection.

Ice Chocolate + Coconut Milk, 13.80 ringgit and 4 Chocolate balls, 6.80 ringgit each

The Ice Chocolate with Coconut Milk is apparently a crowd favorite, hence why I decided to give it a try. It was something different. With every sip you’d taste, the taste of chocolate will hit you first. then the taste of coconut and it ends with the taste of slight bitterness from the small bits of dark chocolate scattered around. If you are the kind of person who liked your chocolate drink thick, you most probably would not enjoy this drink as much as due to the use of coconut milk, it is just a tad lighter, waterier than the usual. However, if you fancy a chocolate drink with a twist, do consider this combination. It is different, refreshing and makes for a good drink to quench your thirst. It was not too sweet, it had just the right amount. I most probably would still stick to the regular chocolate with cows milk but if I fancy something a lil different – I’d go for this.

As for the chocolate balls, I ordered 4 different kinds – the Lime & Coconut, Apple & Fig, Molasses, Pistachio & Mint. Ummmmm, I most probably would not go for this specific type of dessert again. Firstly because it simply was not my cup of tea. Not because it tasted awful, not at all but simply because I am not really a fan of dark chocolate. Lets just say I am no purist. I like my chocolate mixed with plenty of milk and sweetness. Yea, the milky kind. Why did I order this though? Well, lets just say I felt adventurous, the result is still the same though – I aint no dark chocolate lover. Between the 4 balls, the one I liked the most would be the Lime & Coconut combo. it was surrounded by a thin solid layer of chocolate topped with coconut flakes and on the inside, there is a moist, softer chocolate filling. The rest were similar with a slightly differing taste. The Pistachio & Mint combo though – all I tasted was the dark chocolate, no pistachio and hardly any mint. If you were to blindfold me and ask me to list down the list of ingredients upon tasting it – I certainly would not say Pistachio and Mint because I could not taste them at all. This brings me to my second reason why I would skip this specific dessert when I visit next. Each ball is worth 6.80 ringgit which meant I paid almost 28 ringgit for 4 balls. Considering the fact that I do not like dark chocolate and the fact that it is ultimately a SMALL ball, I would rather use the money on the other desserts they offer. Perhaps their chocolate cookies?Chocolate cake? Tart? or even better yet, also give their main dishes a try, one of their rice bowls maybe? Couldnt do so this time around because I had a wholesome lunch elsewhere but maybe for my next visit, I will.

Would I head back here?

Yes, I would. I like the place, like how it looks like, I like the quiet, calming ambiance it exudes. I look forward to giving their main meals a go and also the other desserts they have to offer. Parking was super easy and does not cost a bomb. Takes me only 15 minutes to get here from work. Yup, it is highly likely I am returning.

Address: 29, Jalan Pudu Lama, Bukit Bintang

Opening hours: Everyday. Mondays to Thursdays, 9 am – 10.30 pm. Fridays to Sundays, 9 am – 11 pm.

Signing out now, Ciao


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