Rice Bowl Soy Sauce Mackerel Don

Les Petits Jours @ Cheras – Uggh, not feeling this one.

This was simply one of those days – tossing and turning the whole night, wake up angry and that sort of sets the mood for the day.

I was late for work, for some reason there was congestion today on my route to work, which meant I was late to work. This naturally led to my boss giving me a earful for about 20 minutes and he only stopped because I had to get to a meeting in Cheras. At this point, I was angry and hungry but work always comes first, so off to a meeting I went. By the time I was done – it was 2.15 pm. I …. NEED ….. FOODDDDD!!!! Desperately, badly!


Then, there was the issue of actually locating the cafe. Before we get into that – why did I choose this cafe in the first place? Well, I’ve been seeing images on Instagram posted by customers of this cafe and it gave/ depicted a pleasant, pretty good experience. Of course, I too want to experience what they experienced, hence why I decided to pay this cafe a visit. Les Petits Jours is located in Medan Connaught Center Point. I’ve never been here but locating the Medan was easy with Waze. However, when I was nearing the building – it got a tad confusing. Sometimes, there are 2 left/right turnings, 5 seconds from one another and with Waze, it get kindda difficult to know which turning you are suppose to take when it is soo close to one another. I ended up the first turning which was not the right one but it lead me to the basement carpark.

Do take note that the cafe is located in Block C, so – do park in the ‘C’ section. That is the easiest. I did not know that and I ended up parking in E section. The area is mostly new, so most of the lots are empty. I had to take several lifts in several sections because every time the lift opened – it was quiet and dusty, some were even littered with construction tools. It was not an ideal situation for a group of ladies, we had safety and security to think about. At this point, I was hungry and double angry.

Okay, so, if you end up in the Basement Carpark, do park in Section C. If all the parking lots in that section is taken – park in Section B or D. Then take the lift up, somehow find one that leads you to the top. Once you are outside. Look for …..

I know it says online and on the board that the cafe is located at ‘C-1-4’ but what it means is C-4, 1st floor. So, as you are walking, do not stop at C 01/02, you wouldnt find the cafe there. Instead, head to C 03/04 and then head up to Level 1. The white board located at the entrance will give you an indication, so look out for it if you are lost.

So after everything, we finally reached Les Petits Jours. I was tired, sweaty, stinky, and above all, irritated but all that was forgotten once I saw the Menu – finally!! Some fooooood! Rosemary Salmon maybe? Taiwanese Braised Pork? Hmmm how about Sesame Oil Chicken?? Well, the giddy feeling only lasted 5 minutes because I was then told that all the dishes were sold out except for one, Soy Sauce Mackerel Don.

Say What??!!!!! Noooooooooooooooooo

To be fair to them, the place is new, not just the cafe but the Medan itself, so, I suppose its better to be sold out rather than having left overs. It was just two people working, one guy manning the counter and the other works in the kitchen, there is only so much the both of them can do. There is also the fact that we arrived here at 2.30, perhaps way past lunch time but at this point, just when you thought the day couldn’t get any worse, this happens and it sucks. Nothing I can do though. It was either leave or stay and have the mackerel. I stayed, too hungry to go looking elsewhere.

Soy Sauce Mackerel Don

I got the mackerel, the rice, dessert and a glass green tea but did any of you see the soy sauce? I sure did not. Where is the ‘Soy Sauce’ in the Soy Sauce Mackerel Don? So, imagine how it tasted? The mackerel gives out a rather strong taste on its own. In this case, all I had was white rice + mackerel. One dry element with another dry element = kindda hard to swallow. It sucks because the Mackerel was cooked real nice, the flavor was awesome. I pretty much left the rice aside and ate the fish on its own. The dessert was yummy, onde-onde was nice. At this point, I was simply too tired. I ate what I ate and left soon enough.

Would I head back here?

Nah, I aint coming back.

Address: C-1-4, Medan Connaught Center Point, Batu 9, Cheras

Opening hours: Wed to Fri, 12 pm – 5 pm. Sat and Sun, 12 pm – 6 pm.

Signing out now, Ciao


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