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The Lolla Co @ Ampwalk, Ampang – A good place for that quick bite before the morning rush-hour (Pork Free)

We had an early day today, starting off with an 8 am meeting in Ampang. It was more of an informal meetup, mainly of two friends tryna catch-up on latest happenings in each others’ life and adding in a lil business discussion somewhere in between.

My friend is rather fussy when it comes to breakfast. She follows a strict routine – only bread or oats in the morning. I can do bread but oats? Not unless I really have to.

So, preferably, we end up at a cafe that opens early, offers sandwiches and provides a conducive environment for a meeting and good thing we found Lolla. This 5 month old cafe offered exactly what we needed. Their main offering here are sandwiches. Yay!!! They also open doors at 7.30 am, which was just right for our 8 am meet and considering the fact that it was not peak hour yet, the crowd was scarce as many customers opted for take outs, on their way to work. This meant that we had the place mostly to ourselves. Niceeeeeee!

Mariah Berry Sandwich, 19 ringgit

This was one of their popular options and I can see why that is. The dish consisted of Cajun style roasted chicken + homemade organic cranberry sauce + spicy herb mayo with Panini. The combination was mouth wateringly yummy. The roasted chicken came in a generous quantity and that mayo, it was thick yet airy, with a nice flavor to it. There was also quite a good spread of the cranberry sauce/ jam. It wasnt too sweet and it came with bits and pieces of cranberries. Do imagine the variety of flavor you’d taste with this sandwich – from the not too sweet cranberry sauce to the herb mayo and the Cajun style roasted chicken. Yummmm. The dish also comes with a side of vegetables – mainly broccoli, carrot and potatoes. All the vegetables were roasted and it was all surprisingly crunchy yet soft and they were coated with some sort of gravy. Tasted awesome. Niceeee.

Toffee Banana Loaf , 8 ringgit

I like anything with banana in it – banana chips, banana cake, banana pastries … so, it is no wonder why I ordered this dish. I would say that this slice of banana bread was light and refreshing. Usually, I like them thick and buttery, the kind that would fill you up real fast because it is heavy but the one here was a nice change. My friend thought that it was a tad dry but she loved the flavor, me too. The bread was delicious, I’d order it again. It wasnt overwhelmingly sweet. Even with sugar bits scattered all over, the banana loaf had just the right amount of sweetness.

Would I head back here?

Yea, whenever I am in Ampang, heading off to a 9 am meeting perhaps, I’d drop by to grab a quick bite. I liked their sandwich and loaf. Looking forward to giving the other options on their Menu a try.

Address: G – 01, The Ampwalk, Ampang

Opening hours: Mon to Sat, 7.30 am – 6 pm. Sundays Closed.

Signing out now, Ciao


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