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Orale @ Damansara Uptown – Quesadillas and Nachos. Yummm! (Pork Free)

We were in the area for a meeting later at 2 pm and since we had time on our hands – we decided to drive around and see if anything catches our interest for brunch. Of course, the problem with Uptown, on a weekday more so than weekend – is the parking. All the ‘by the roadside’ parking are always taken/occupied and on top of that, it is often double and triple parked. I was thinking of double parking but that idea was quickly rubbished as soon as I saw the ‘Saman DBKL/POLICE’ guys going about clamping every car they can get their hands on.

Anyways, as I was rounding the block, I saw Orale. The bright orange exterior caught my eye and based on the name, I kindda anticipated food with Latin influence. However, it seemed like the eatery was halfway open, as one shutter was still down. I got online to check what time they open and it says 10 am but here I was driving passed Orale at 11.20 ish am and as mentioned earlier, one shutter was still down. By the time we parked, they were opened. So, I do not know if they changed their operations timing or if it was just today that they opened late for some reason. We could have asked them about it but food arrived really quick and we got distracted.

As for parking, we parked at the office block directly opposite Orale. It was super convenient, we needed to simply cross over, no sweat, barely a minute away and it cost us only 3 ringgit. Most importantly, not having to worry about our car getting towed and being able to eat in peace.

The eatery looked nice. It certainly was a contrast to the other occupants in this row of shops. The colors and exterior/interior – it was vibrant and eye catching. It brings about a fun and jovial mood and add in some hits from J Lo and Daddy Yankee playing on the audio – awesomeeeee!

Blackened Chicken Quesadilla, 13 ringgit + Tres Leches, 10 ringgit + Jarritos (Mandarin), 10 ringgit

Tres Leches

Food arrived really fast, within 5 – 8 minutes. The Tres Leches was dessert and rather than eating it last, I ate it first, lol. I simply couldn’t resist. The Menu description said that it was an ‘Ultra light cake, soaked in sweet milk’ and that was exactly what it was but I dont know about the ‘light’ part though. Halfway through it, my stomach was already getting full. Hmmm, how do I describe the dessert?? The flavors were nice, I would go for it again. It kindda reminded me of a mixture between the usual cake and Indian desserts like the Gulab jamun and/or Rasgulla. Does that make sense? I liked it.

The Quesadilla was awesome! It comes in 4 large pieces, stuffed with flavored chicken meat, onions, corn, vegetables, cheese. It may look harmless but it sure does fill you up real quick. Yummmmyyyy!! It was flavorful, chewy, gooey from the mayo on the top, simply a burst of flavors. If I could change one thing – it would be to caramelize the onion? I wouldnt mind having this dish every other week if those caramelized onions were added in.

Jarritos was mandarin flavored soda water. The consistency was similar to Sprite, sweetened. By the time I got to the drink though, I was soo stuffed that the best I could do was drink half of it.

Gael’s Ground Chicken Nachos, 12 ringgit

Good thing that this dish came in a take away box because this arrived last and by then, we were stuffed to the max. Each of us ate about about 2,3 pieces of tortilla chips before packing it up. It’s a nice dish to go for if you want something dry, crunchy and yet wet, soggy. It comes in a generous portion and comprised of minced chicken, corn, tomato paste, onions and cheese – cheddar, if I am not mistaken.

Would I head here again?

Yes, I would and I intend to try the Burritos next.

Address: 28, Jalan SS 21/58, Damansara Utama, Selangor

Opening hours: Everyday. 10 am – 10 pm.

(I personally would head to Orale from 11.30 am onwards as oppose to 10 am. Reason why was explained at the start of this review).

Signing out now, Ciao.


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