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Chewie Mellow @ Setapak – A refreshing dessert on a hot day (Pork Free)

Are you guys a fan of Taiwanese inspired desserts? I am. I used to head to Snowflakes religiously back in the day, I went there so often that I eventually lost interest. Haven’t had any of those taro balls and etc in close to 2 years and I didnt even know I missed it until I visited Chewie Mellow.

Chewie Mellow is one of the latest addition to our local dessert scene, having been operating for a few weeks now. Their Grand Opening was just 3 days ago – Sunday, 31st March. So yea, they are pretty new.

Guess what I had for dessert????

A03 – Sweet Potato Soya Ice, 11.90 ringgit

Sedap oooo …….. There were many things I liked about this particular dessert served at Chewie Mellow – from the generous portion to each of the items used to make this dessert.

1 – Soya Milk

The bottom of the bowl consisted of soya milk shaved ice. What I usually come across is that when the shaved ice melts, you’d get about 40 % soy milk and 60 % water which results in diluted/watered down soya milk. That is not the case here. Here,they literally make the shaved ice from freezed soya milk, so even when it melts, you’d get almost a 100 % soya milk. Awesome!!!

2 – Sweet Potato

On the top,you’d get a scoop of what looks like sweet potato ice cream but nope, it aint ice cream. What it was is mashed sweet potato shaped to resemble a scoop of ice cream. This too was something different, as what I would usually get is the ice cream version and not the real thing. Yet another pleasant surprise.

3 – Red Bean & Taro Balls

Almost everyone I know loves taro, including me. The starchy and chewy feel you’d get from it is soo yummy. Since I havent had it in ages, imagine my delight gobbling it up one by one.

The red bean came in a generous portion. Slightly sweetened, it went well with every other item in the bowl.

4 – Pearls

I loved the fact that this dish came with a side of pearls. Why? With this particular dessert, there is a tendency of quite a lot of bottom left by the time you are done with all the toppings. Most often, I am left with the shaved ice at the bottom and nothing else. In this case, with plenty of soy milk left, i dumped in the pearls and there was plenty of it to last me till the last drop of soy milk. Yay!!

** There is WIFI here. Good wifi but every now and then, the wifi gets stuck – the kind whereby you’d need to off and on the modem again. Yup. The problem here was the cashier and her reluctance to off and on it. She was sooo worried that the Point of Sale (POS) System wont work. Ermm miss, you dont need wifi to use the POS. Do you need wifi to use windows 10? Microsoft Word? Powerpoint? Excel????? No, you dont. Similarly, you do not need wifi to use POS unless you decide to use the internet. Some systems are already integrated into the POS that all it needs is ELECTRICITY to work, NOT WIFI. Are you seriously telling me that cafes with no internet cannot use the POS System??? Come on laaaa. The worst part is – here I was going up and down for 5 times tryna educate you and yet it is only on the 5th time I headed to the counter that you off and on the modem. Your POS system still worked, right? And the wifi was good kan? Lady, you need to accept the fact that sometimes – you do not know everything. What is the point of having wifi when it isnt working??? Due to your reluctance, I could not send an important email on time and got screwed by my boss. No thank you very much. Grrr!

Would I head here again?

I would love to but not as often as I would like because this dessert shop is located all the way in Setapak. Took me 30 minutes to get here from PJ. Perhaps a visit once in a blue moon should be good.

Address: No. 52 A, Jalan Danau Niaga 1, Crystal Ville, Setapak.

Opening hours: Everyday. 11.30 am – 12 am.

Signing out now,Ciao.


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