Affordable Good Food Laksa Mee Siam with Pandan Chicken Open Daily

Gerai. The Food Loft @ CentrePoint, Bandar Utama – An awesome discovery.

Okay, this was a funny one, funny to me at least. Why? I’ve been ‘lepakking’ at CentrePoint for ages and yet – I somehow missed this gem, Gerai. Yea sure, I usually end up at one end but come on, I am sure I’ve walked to the other end a few times…. somehow – I missed it. Gerai apparently has been around for the passed 5 years.

I do have an inkling though as to why I missed it all these years. It is kindda difficult to locate, easily missed if you are not familiar with CentrePoint. I’ll make it easier for you guys, kay?

Where exactly is Gerai??

The easiest way is to simply park at McDonalds and walk – barely 50 second away, for real. Depending on which direction you are coming from, you’d notice a McDonalds Drive Thru right next door to CentrePoint, it is soo close that it barely takes a few seconds to cross over and Gerai is the first eatery you’d see.

The other way is to park in the basement, walk to the elevator and head on up to Ground floor. As you are walking out of the lift, turn RIGHT. KFC is on your left, DO NO TURN LEFT. You will only end up walking a whole round and still ending back at the lift area to get to the other side. So, as you head on straight, you’d see a pharmachy – Guardian, I think and Tealive, Subway. Walk straight to the end and you’d see Gerai. ( Parking is FREE for the first hour +)

** Sorry, no pictures of the inside. Will have more pictures up during my next visit.

As Gerai is a crowd favorite, if you are heading here for lunch – it does get crowded, full house. You could take your chances and walk in or if you are in a rush, you could reserve a table before hand.

Laksa, 10.50 ringgit

Sedapppp ooooooo. It has been ages since I last had laksa and I sure am glad to have had it here. While it is rich and milky from the coconut milk, it isnt spicy – which may be an issue to some people. Worry not though, they provide you a very hot chili sauce on the side, the kind that is hot enough that your forehead starts sweating. So, for all you spicy lovers, pile on that chili to your hearts content. I was simply happy slurping up the milk gravy, Slurp! The dish came with thick glass noodles that is a common sight with Laksa, with minced chicken + half an egg + fishcakes + tauhu. As a whole, this was a delicious dish, I enjoyed it.

Daily Set : Siam Meehoon + Pandan Chicken + Serai Drink, 13.90 ringgit

Okay, so Gerai offers Daily Sets, a meal + drink, and it is something that changes every day. On my day of visit, the Special was Mee hoon Siam, which was awesome because I was in the mood for it. I liked it a whole lot, it was packed with flavor – the lemongrass taste was evident through every spoonful you take, yay!! I also liked the fact that the noodles were not overly wet, soggy. Some restaurants like serving them ‘basah’, which I am usually okay with but not this day. On the side, there were three pieces of boneless chicken wrapped in pandan leaf which tasted awesome too. It was good enough to have on its own and also was complimentary with the noodle. Yum!

Would I head here again?

Oooo yes! I am already looking forward to paying them a visit soon. Very soon. I am gonna get my hands on their Butter Chicken Rice this time. Saw another table having it and it looked really appetizing.

Address: G 106, CentrePoint Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours: Daily. 10 am – 10 pm.

Signing out now, Ciao.


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