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Vintage 1988 @ Jalan Sultan

For some reason, I decided to head back to Jalan Sultan. I dont know why, perhaps I miss the character of this street – it simply oozes ol’ school with its charm, personality and variety in offerings. Having to eat at the usual cafes and restaurants, sometimes the similarities does get to you. Hence, resulting in you craving for something of a difference. Today was that day for me.

** A part of the front is an accessory shop. As you can see, on the right side, there are earrings, chains, bracelets hanging. You can even create you own by adding on certain items you like.

Vintage 1988 is located directly opposite Leaf & Co and Mingle Cafe. I usually would park at the 5 Elements Hotel, located a few doors away but for some reason, on this particular day – it was full house. So, I had no choice but to head down the road to the open car park next to Vintage 1988. There is a road in between and I usually am too damn lazy to cross over but it was necessary today, no choice. After parking here though, I realized why I never did park here although it is convenient. If you really open your eyes and look – you would notice that rather than an hourly rate, this particular car park charges you for every 30 minutes – 3.50 ringgit. Can you believe this bullshit??? Please DO NOT PARK HERE. Unless you do not mind. I ended up paying 10.50 ringgit for just over an hour. Da hell!!!! These guys are smart, they make sure the ‘every 30 minutes’ are in small font but the 3.50 is large. Naturally, you’d assume that it goes for an hourly rate, like the rest of KL, right? Best part is – No Driving through. You most probably will only realize once you are already inside that parking here isnt worth it but you have no choice but to remain because you’d end up having to pay anyway . What is this, man??? This is bullshit.

Ice Cream : Ferrero Roche , 11 ringgit

A normal scoop of ice cream here would cost you 9 ringgit but for premium flavors, there is an additional + 2 ringgit. I like anything with chocolate in it and all this scoop of decadent, milky ice cream gave me was chocolate, chocolate and chocolate. Yesssss! I loved it. Considering how blazing hot it can get these days – in my attempts to cool off, this dessert helped tremendously. I only wished that I requested them to scoop up the ice cream together with some solid chocolate bits that was in the tub. My scoop didnt come with it, sob sob. Just the ice cream itself was da bomb, imagine the solid chocolate bits in it, oooo yummmm! Oh well, there is always next time.

Classic Waffle (Butter & Honey), 10 ringgit

The scoop of decadent ice cream was more than enough but I still intended to indulge. I could have gone for one of those gourmet waffles but considering the little space I have left for munching, this Classic Waffles was the best choice. It was goooood. It was crispy on the outside, all warm and soft on the inside. The honey on the top was an awesome addition. At the end of it all – I was happily satisfied – burp!.

Would I head back here?

Hmmmm perhaps once in a very blue moon. I’ve already got a favorite go to dessert cafe for ice creams and waffles, which is a whole lot more closer to work and home. So yea, I’ll be back but only if I am in the area.

Address: No. 34, Jalan Sultan (Opposite Leaf & Co/Mingle Cafe)

Opening hours: Everyday. 9 am – 11 pm.

Signing out now, Ciao.


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