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Big Baba @ Taman Desa – A hidden delight :)

Guess what I did today?? I took an extended lunch break to watch Avengers yawwwwww !! and from the looks of it – I wasnt the only one, lol. It was almost full house and that too duirng lunch?? Almost unheard of but then again – its Avengers, understandably. Sssshhhh, boss doesn’t know. Keep this between you and I, kay??

Before I headed to the movies, I had to pick some friends up from their office at Taman Desa Business Park and they suggested Big Baba, located few doors away.. This was another one of those things – I’ve driven passed it many times but for some reason, never really took note of it until someone points it out.

Wowwww. This was so cool. It exudes an ol’ school and nostalgic feel. You’d get the vibe from outside itself but when you open and enter – that is when it hits you. It is the same feeling I get when I visit Miss Ellie Tea House in Ampang. Inviting and comfortable, make sense? It was totally unexpected, not the kind of ‘hidden’ eatery I would associate with this area.

Asam Pedas Set, 17.90 ringgit + Mee Siam, 13.90 ringgit + Cendol, 6.50 ringgit

Asam Pedas Set

I enjoyed the Asam Pedas Set. The Set here comes with the dish rice and fish only – minus drinks and/or desserts. Usually, the Asam Pedas I’ve tasted is served extra ‘pedas’ , the kind that makes you sweat towards the end but here there is an equal amount of spiciness and sourness,tangy and a tad watery – quite appealing. The fish – I think it was Tenggiri, was served in a large portion, a large piece, yesssss ! Some eateries like to serve you the smallest piece they could possibly find and it certainly is not the case here. It was plenty enough to have till the rice finishes. The dish also came with a side of pickled cucumber + radish + shredded omelette. I liked the pickled vegetable best because it was a little sweet, which provided an extra flavor to the dish overall.

Mee Siam

Look at it, would you? It was filled with a variety of ingredients. There was not a single spoon I took that only had noodles in it – awesome!!! There were prawns, squids, chilli, taugeh, onions, shredded omelette.. anything that could possibly accompany a plain Mee Siam, it is on the plate. Overall taste – pretty good. It had a ‘home cooked’ kindda feel to it, which I liked a whole lot. Yumm!


The Cendol was a good conclusion to my time here. It was not over the top, pretty simple actually. The bowl was filled with coconut milk and came with 3 ingredients – red beans + cincau + green noodle , it would totally satisfy your cendol craving if you fancy something simple, no frills. They provided palm sugar on the side, which I liked because then I can choose/control how sweet I want it to be. It was a refreshing dessert and a pleasant end to my visit here.

Would I head here again?

Of course. Love the ambiance – warm and cozy, food was good. I’d certainly be back for more.

Address: 34 Ground Floor, Jalan 2/109E, Desa Business Park, Taman Desa, Old Klang Road.

Opening hours: Tuesdays – Sundays, 11 am – 3 pm, 5.30pm – 9 pm. Mondays Closed

Signing out now, Ciao.


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