Dessert Mango x Lychee Open Daily Soft Serve Valrhona Chocolate

Urban Artisan @ Petaling Street – Yummy, decadent soft serve !

I had to drop by Petaling Street yesterday. There is this costume shop I like heading to whenever I need some accessories … this time around, it is for a prank (insert naughty/mischievous smiley), lol.

Anyways, almost directly opposite the road is Urban Artisan (down the road from Merchant Lane and same row,few doors away from Bubble Bee Cafe). I didn’t pay much attention to it until I saw several people coming out of it carrying with them some colorful soft serves. I immediately went online to check out how they fare rating wise and guess what – they are highly rated, according to Google review.

This dessert shop is small and cozy. When it is empty, that is when you’d be able to immerse yourself in and appreciate the coziness. When it is full house though – which quite often is the case, it can get crowded, stuffy and hot. Hot because for some reason the air condition does not reach all the way to the back. It gets a lil sweaty. I guess that is why some folks prefer a take away.

Here they offer free tasting, which usually is the case with most ice cream parlors. However, the walkway into the cafe is kindda narrow, limited in space, which means if you come in a large group, say a group of 6 and all of you want to get a free tasting of whatever available flavors, the walkway gets blocked (as depicted in the second image). Six peeps to get through tasting, it takes ages – you cant move forward or backward and right behind you is the door and people keep coming through that as well – it can get stuffy. It gets a tad uncomfortable.

*** As you would notice, flavors here change weekly. This is fun, kindda keeps you in anticipation as to what flavors they offer the next week. I’m hoping for a Yam x Coconut mix soon.

De Mango Mango x Pure Lychee, 12.90 ringgit + Valrhona Chocolate, 11.90 ringgit

I can see why Urban Artisan is popular. Firstly because hey, literally everyone and anyone loves soft serve, right? Secondly, these guys offer you a combination of flavors that is not readily available elsewhere.

If you fancy a good mix of something a lil tangy and sweet – the yellow/pink combo is an awesome choice. The flavor of mango and lychee is evident and distinct, there is no mistaking it. If you are blindfolded and given a taste of both flavors – you would be able to clearly distinguish which flavor is which.The combination is nice, a refreshing blend of flavors. The chocolate soft serve is definitely a favorite of mine. I loveeee the premium chocolate taste it has, evident from the start till the end. It was not too sweet and the sweetness was a compliment to the slight bitterness of the chocolate. There was thickness, decadence and milkiness. Slurp!

Would I head here again?

Yesssssss. The soft serve – the variety they offer, the combinations.. it is not something I come by often but one I’d like to head back to whenever I could. I love the fact that they change up their flavors weekly, I can look forward to trying new/different flavors whenever I drop by.

Address: 149, Jalan Petaling Street. (Down the road from Merchant Lane and few doors away from Bubble Bee Cafe)

Opening hours: Open Daily. Mons – Thurs, Sunday : 12pm – 9 pm. Fri & Sat, 12 pm – 10 pm.

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