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Midsummer Night @ OUG – Me likey :)

A few doors away from March Azalea is this hidden gem. Located on the first floor, there is no large sign boards or obvious banners to draw you attention to this cafe, it is kindda easy to miss it unless you are intentionally looking for it.

Two,three doors away from March Azalea is a car service shop. In between the shop lots, there is a stairway leading you upstairs – look out for that and you’d be on your way. As we were heading up, the door of the cafe opens and a guy stood at the entrance greeting and welcoming us. I was pleasantly surprised. What an awesome way to create a positive first impression, ey?


It is a themed cafe – a movie and comic theme, perhaps? There were plenty of movie posters including one of my French favorites – Amelie. There were prints of comics as well, set in a way to pay homage to Stan Lee.

The cafe itself is cozy and welcoming. It is the kind of place I can spend my day at. Find myself a quiet corner, work on my laptop and get some work done. Food is pretty affordable. I could start off with a main dish and then some snacks a few hours later and maybe some coffee before heading home ?

… and oh, guess who I caught getting ready for an ambush??

It’s Mr. Spidey, yawwwww ! Lol.



We did not really know what to order or rather we knew a number of dishes we were interested in but could not land on a specific one. The guy working here were nice enough to guide us through the Menu and suggested a number of popular dishes based on our preference.


Sambal Egg Rice, 7 ringgit + Sesame Udon, 10 ringgit + Dream, 15 ringgit + Cheese Sticks, 6 ringgit

Sambal Egg Rice

The Sambal Egg Rice is a crowd favorite. The main attraction here is the ‘sambal’, it is the ‘famous one’ from the OUG night market – that was what I was told. I guess because I am not from the area, I had no idea of this famous sambal. It does not hold the use texture of a sambal, rather than a wet paste, this particular one is harden bits.

It certainly was unique. Taste wise, it wasn’t flaming hot, it was a little spicy and a lilttle sweet, with a mix of prawn paste maybe? Having it with the rice was pretty awesome. The rice with the poached egg and sambal made for a delightful combination.

*** Do take note though, this cafe is not big on meat. No fancy chicken, fish and other meat dishes. It is not Vegetarian as they do serve eggs, fish flakes and lard.


Sesame Udon

This dish, I liked lots. I have a thing for udon, not the soupy kind but the dry ones and I usually like a poach egg in with it because that would make the noodles all wet and slimy. So, is it any wonder why I gave the Sesame Udon a go? It ticked all the boxes for me and oooo, there were bonito/fish flakes as well, these flakes usually have an appealingly peculiar taste which mixed with the egg and noodles, made for a yummy dish.


Cheese Sticks

The portions of the main dishes are somewhat small. To some, it may be filling and to others, perhaps an added dish would be necessary. We were the latter, so we decided to add on this snack. I’d say for 6 ringgit, they do provide a generous portion. I liked it. It was crispy, crunchy and tasty too.


This was a joy to drink because I get to have my coffee the way I like it. I like my coffee strong yet milky and this is a combination that isn’t readily available … mainly because it simply is one of those things that only you yourself can perfect.

Dream came with a combination of Coffee Ice Cubes + Hand Brewed Coffee + Fresh Milk + Gula Melaka. I took my time mixing it all, to get it perfected and oooooo, it was a refreshing cup of Iced Coffee. The gula Melaka was an awesome addition, it provided that ‘extra’ flavor.


Jelly of the Day

If you fancy a dessert, something light, refreshing, not too sweet and perhaps with a lower calorie count, do consider giving this dish a go. The Jelly of the day was Longan and I loved the fact that they used actual longan and not the ones that comes processed in a tin. I liked it πŸ™‚


Would I head back here?

Yup, I look forward to it. I like the cafe theme, I liked the cozy feel of the cafe. It totally is the kind of place I see myself heading to get some work done while munching away on food.


Address: 36 A, Jalan Awan Hijau, OUG. (First Floor).

Opening hours: Tuesdays – Thursday, 3 pm – 10 pm. Fridays – Sundays, 3 pm – 11 pm. Mondays Closed.


Signing out now, Ciao.


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